I am unapologetically confident. 

I am unapologetically confident.

I am proud of my fucked up past.

I am unashamed of my truth.

I am learning more everyday.

I am re-discovering my power.

I am black girl joy.

I am self-love.

I am becoming.

Embracing my truth has been something that has required a great deal of internal work and self- love and forgiveness. Often times people don’t understand the importantance of actually doing the work, because it’s imperative to your growth. 

I mean…

Doing the work sounds super cliche, but it’s so super important.

I started this new journey a few years ago, and what I have learned throughout these years is that even in the mist of uncertainty, express gratitude in all things. 

I’ve also learned that…

What’s for you will always be for you, rather you see it or not. & that great shit takes time, so stop rushing or forcing things to happen and allow them blessings to naturally flow. 

I’ve taught myself over the years how to be more vulnerable, transparent, gentle, and compassionate within myself. I think what makes this journey amazing is the fact that I’m able to embrace all of these different emotions, without running away from shit that makes me uncomfortable.

Today I am celebrating the woman I am becoming, while releasing the woman I thought I was. I am more focused on being more intentional, gentle and compassionate within myself. 

Today I am no longer submitting to self-sabotage thoughts, but simply using all of those lessons as tools and resources to help and inspire other women to be comfortable within themselves. 

Today I am cultivating the life I want to live, and it feels amazing. 


Takeia Cage 



There’s been so many shifts + blessings that’s been pouring repeatedly into my life these past few months, and im overwhelmed with joy. I feel as though God has been listening, and seeing all of the hard work I’ve been putting in when it comes to my mental wellbeing, school, and brand.

If you’ve been following my blog + podcast, you would know that I talked about leaving a really toxic work environment and not settling for second best. During that time; I was in a really dark space, and being able to get out of that toxic environment made me appreciate all of the hard work I’ve been putting in, instead of dwelling on this one bad experience.

Great news…

I’ve had multiple job offers within the last two months, and a few weeks ago, I accepted a job offer that I’m extremely excited about. I was a little skeptical at first because it’s definitely something different, but I love the fact that’s it’s more challenging + and there’s room for growth in the company.

It just feel so good to finally be back in my creative space, and doing the things I enjoy doing. During this break I’ve been reclaiming my time, and putting all of my energy into finishing this semester off strong, collabing with other bloggers, working on creating more safe-spaces for women, and also planning an event that I plan on hosting at the end of the year.

Quick reflection…

When I look back and reflect on everything that’s been transpiring this year, I immediately thank God for closing doors that were meant to be shut a long time ago. There are days where I feel my absolute best, and then there are days where I don’t even want to get out of bed. But regardless of whatever I feel like I’m facing, I know that I’m not facing it alone and I’m blessed.

What I’ve learned during this break…

I’ve learned that you have to find the things that brings you the most joy in life, and journey there. Be proud of your failures, mistakes, misfortunes, and most importantly the person you couldn’t be at that very moment. Instead of picking at old wounds, find new and healthy ways to love on yourself.

Here’s a journal prompt:

Have you ever had to let go of something that was not good for you, even if it was painful or disorienting at the time? Was it a blessing? What lesson did you learn?

choosing self-compassion 

Are you tired of listening to the negative, nagging, and nasty voices you put inside of your head? Are you tired of beating yourself up? Are you tired of pushing yourself too hard? Are you tired of pushing yourself away? Are you tired of feeling down, when you only want to feel up?

For years; I’ve allowed self-sabotage + fear to creep up inside of me, and control my mind, heart, and spirit. I’ve let negative self-talk control my worth, and cause me to miss out on so many great experiences + opportunities because I wasn’t confident within myself. I’ve also allowed the feeling of not being good “enough” bring me into a really dark + depressing space. 

People see a beautiful woman, and swears she doesn’t have a worry in the world. Which in fact, it’s not always about what’s on the outside, but how you treat yourself on the inside. I’ve spent a great deal of years beating myself up, down talking my gifts, and being ashamed of my truths. It didn’t matter what anyone told me, I didn’t feel + see all of those great things within myself.

I’ve caused myself a great deal of self-inflicted pain, and it wasn’t until 2 years ago, I had to genuinely forgive myself. Forgive myself for feeling worthless, undeserving, and most importantly for not loving myself, unconditionally.

There’s not a book, class, therapist, life coach, webinar, or event that’s going to make you, choose you! You have to be ready + willing to choose you, and do the work that’s going to get you to where you need to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually , and etc.

We don’t understand that the negative things + habits we feed ourselves will leave us depleted, instead of nourished. I’ve realized that the negative things we feed our minds are exactly how we take care of ourselves, and it’s not healthy.

Here are a few negative thoughts:

  1. I have no one in my life who genuinely love + care about me.
  2. I feel worthless, and undeserving.
  3. I’m not beautiful.
  4. Everything is going wrong in my life.
  5. I feel like giving up on everything.

Here are a few positive thoughts:

  1. I am deserving of self-love + compassion.
  2. I accept + love myself, unconditionally.
  3. I am beautiful on the inside and out.
  4. I am grateful for everyone that’s in my life.
  5. Even though my life isn’t perfect, but I have enough right now.

I just want to encourage you all to continue to shower your minds daily with fruitful, and positive things! Everyday isn’t going to be a good day, but you can always turn that bad day into a good evening. 

What I’m learning today…

I’m learning that it’s okay to be uncertain + not having everything all figured out. I’m also learning that you have to show up for yourself, and never rely on other people to do the work for you! If you want to be a better, happier, and joyful person you have to understand that all of these great things comes from within…

Self-compassion + love isn’t going to be easy, it requires a lot of self-discipline + control. There’s going to be the not so “beautiful” parts, but this is all apart of the process, and your end results are going to be breath taking.


This has been one incredible + transformative experience in my life. & I’m so grateful that I’m able to share my struggles + truths with you all, because a few years ago I wouldn’t imagine being as transparent as I am today.

Here’s a quick journal prompt:

What choices are you going to make this month, that’s going to allow you to be more gentle + compassionate with yourself? How can you love, support, and show up for yourself more this month?


It’s fall, and I’m in loveeeee.

I’m in love with myself, and my life. I’ve become more intentional when it comes to expressing gratitude over everything + everyone in my life, and it’s starting to become apart of my everyday routine.

I’ve become more appreciative of the little things in life like praying, making coffee, eating breakfast, dropping my daughter off at school, writing a new blog post, checking my emails, and watching the butterflies land on the pretty flowers that’s in front of my apartment complex.

My days are even becoming brighter, and the past is only a reflection in my rear view mirror. I have forgiving + embraced all of the things I couldn’t be, or change. There’s still days where I sit, and reflect on my growth and how far I’ve came, but dwelling on the bad shit? Nah

It just feels amazing to be in such a space that required so much self-love and forgiveness. I feel free, and whole, again. Words and things can’t express how fulfilled I feel, and it’s because of God’s faithfulness. I plan on staying in this healthy state of mind, and when negative self-talk approaches, I’ll remind myself of how worthy + deserving I am. 

Sprinkle of motivation:

I just want to encourage you all to continue to be intentional with the things you want to do, and remember to stay focused even when you’re faced with unfortunate difficulties. 

I know life can become overwhelming, especially when you’re in a really dark space, but I want you to know that bad days don’t last forever! 


We all have choices, and today I want you to make that conscious decision to choose peace and joy! ❤


Takeia 💋

living my best life.

A little over two months ago; I was in a really bad place, mentally. I was working for a company where I didn’t feel supported, appreciated, or valued. In the morning it began to get to the point where I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed, that’s how bad it was. When I would walk into work, I swear I quit like a million times in my head before my shift ended.

It was that fucked up…

I felt as though I was losing myself + passion in my field of studies. I really prayed and thought everything was going to get better, but it ended up getting worse. I didn’t know what to do, or where to go because I exhausted all of my options and felt as though everything was pretty much swept under the rug. 

I remember praying + asking God to remove me from anything that didn’t serve my purpose, and he did just that! I’ve experience so much joy, peace, and happiness these past two months, and by the grace of God this was all apart of his plan.

I’ve been using these days to enjoy my own company, focus on my brand, degree, career searching, and traveling. I’m asking for everything I need, and I refuse to settle in any aspect of my life, and that’s just that! 


Last month I decide to book a last minute flight to Dallas to see my cousins, who o haven’t seen in yearssssss. This was my very first time flying, and traveling alone. When I tell you I was so nervous, and filled with so many different emotions, it was ridiculous. It’s like once you submit that payment, and they send you, your flight confirmation, shit gets real lol. 

Besides that; One of my goals this year was to get over my fear of flying, and that’s exactly what I did. When I arrived at the airport that morning, the staff was amazing and very helpful. Once it was time for me to board my flight, I started to feel a little uneasy. The nice flight attendant assured me that this flight was going to be smooth, and before you know it, you’ll be at your next destination.

My stay in Dallas was nothing short of amazing, and I had a really great time! The food, drinks, people, and environment was so welcoming. I couldn’t help but to fall in love with Dallas, and the southern hospitality. When my trip finally came to an end, I couldn’t wait to get home to plan my next visit, and guess what? I just booked another ticket to go to Dallas at the end of the month lbvs. 

But anyways…

I was just so tired of living my life being fearful and staying stuck in my comfort zone, so why not face the things you’re afraid of? I truly believe life should be filled with amazing experiences, people, and things that brings you the most peace + joy. So why waste anymore time you might not have tomorrow?  


Takeia Cage 💋

new seasons…

As I am beginning to settle into this new season, I am reminded daily of how graceful + merciful God is. Often times when things begin to shift in our lives, we get to complaining and question why God isn’t doing this or that. So we do things on our own, and end up in terrible situations because we’re too impatient to wait. 

The things I am learning in this new season is how to appreciate where I am at, at this very moment, while also embracing all of the amazing things that’s around me. I plan on being more intentional with my purpose, consistent with my passion, and gentle with myself this season. I also plan on finishing my vision board, and continuing to hold myself more accountable.

I have also learned that regardless of where I want to be, I have to appreciate the place I am in right now. I can’t force anything to happen, because things are going to happen when they’re supposed to happen. I guess that’s why I’m not stressed or worried about anything, because I know when God shows up, he shows out and that’s all the confirmation I need.


Everyday you have a choice, and today I choose forgiveness. 

Today’s affirmation: Today I genuinely forgive myself for not being perfect, for making stupid mistakes, for settling for things I knew I didn’t deserve, for being too hard on myself, and for allowing self-sabotage to take place in my life for years.

These types of things will eat you up to the point where you don’t even achieve some of the greatest things in your life, because you’re constantly giving these negative thoughts full access to control you! Who wants to live that way? I know I don’t, and sometimes it take for you to be able to fully look in the mirror and understand that change begins with you, and not with anyone else.

Quick reflection…

Thinking back to the things that transpired this year, I could’ve allowed so many things bring me back into darkness, and just fucking snap! But I choose to rise above all of that, and move forward in love. It’s not always easy taking the high road in situations where some people need to be cussed clean the hell out, but it’s so worth it for your mental health. 

Quick reminder…

Whenever you find yourself wanting to get back at the people for wronging you, ask yourself this “is this going to bring me peace”? If not, re-evaluate your approach and always come from a place of love. 

H E L L O S E P T E M B E R .

Hello beautiful souls,

I can’t believe we’re already nine months into the year, and only have four more months until 2018 begins, like where is time going? I swear every time I blink my eyes, we’re moving further and further into the year lbvs! But anywho; I’m so ready for the fun fall activities, going to the pumpkin patch, decorating my house, and bringing out the pumpkin + apple smelling candles! If you know me, you know I loveeeee fall and the beautiful colors.

I have already set my September goals + intentions and I can’t wait to tackle them all. I’m already two weeks into the semester, and when I tell you my days are filled with homework, discussions, and quizzes mannnnn…. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world, I love school and my classes this semester. I’m also ready to bring out my fall gear, and boots. 

I’ve been pricing cameras for the past two months, and I can’t wait to purchase a new camera to start taking pictures for my blog. I’m also changing the name to my blog as well, so be on the lookout for that! I had this name picked out for the past four-five months, and I’m finally changing it.

September intentions….

This month I’m going to embrace the unknown, and focus on the things that brings me joy + peace! Often times we get so wrapped up with worrying about what God is doing behind the scenes, that we tend to not embrace the now! So that’s where I am right now, and it’s a great feeling. This month will also be focused on taking responsibility for myself, and life! I’m not going to focus on outside forces because it creates negativity, and it hinders you from growing.


I noticed that I wasn’t giving my 100% best with a lot of things, especially things I’m very passionate about! My vibrations was so low, I barely wanted to leave my house(depression is definitely real). I found myself making stupid mistakes because I was being hard headed, and knew I was slowly reverting back to my old ways! So I decided to take a much needed mental-break from everything this summer to get myself back to together, and I feel absolutely amazing! I truly believe when you spend time investing in yourself, it gives you the ability to be your best-self, again.

Last month I did a lot of self-reflecting, and received a lot of clarity + guidance from God. I felt as though I was at my lowest, and was ready to just give up on everything! I wasn’t in a great work environment, it was a hostile environment, and I felt as though I was losing myself + passion working there. God knows when it’s time to make changes in our lives, he knows when you’re struggling keeping things together, and he knows when your cup is empty. I’m just so glad that I’m out of that environment, and now I can focus completely on myself, and living my best life! HALLELUJAH! 🙌🏾❤


There’s so many amazing things I’m working on within the next few months, and I can’t wait to share them with you all, once everything is ready and put into place. I’m just so happy to finally be back in my zone, and ready to give you all my best! I hope you all are setting your September intentions, and spending less time procrastinating! ❤

Sprinkle of motivation:

Whatever it is you’re facing at this very moment, SHALL PASS!

Pain doesn’t last forever, PERIOD!

It might feel like it’s taking God forever to answer your prayers, but trust me he is ALWAYS on time, and ready to give the devil a run for his money!


Takeia Cage