Cultivating confidence; while struggling with your truth|Stacey



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself + where do you reside and what it is you do? Where can we find you on social media?

Hello beautiful people!!

My name is Stacey.

I’m a writer + lifestyle blogger from Beautiful & Bold(my baby).

At times I can become shy but, I’m mostly goofy & super loving to others because I believe there’s good in people.

I’m from Sunshine state Fl.

Where there’s no such thing as winter nor fall(blah).

Social media handles:

Instagram and Twitter @beautiandbold

Website: the moment it’s under construction)


2. What was your childhood like? Were you introverted/and or extroverted? 

My childhood was interesting with strict parents. I love my parents but, my parents did not play at all, it was all about school, church and going straight home from school lol. My parents didn’t believe in sit down and let’s have a talk or any type of encouragement. So, imagine being a child holding in so much emotions.

As an only child, I was spoiled with material things but, behind all of that I was unknown of a lot of things that lead me into deep depression and anxiety. During my childhood being around people distracts me from my own problems but, I didn’t know if I could of been myself around people. Mostly, I liked to be alone. So, as a child I was introverted.

3. At what age did you begin to struggle with confidence? Explain what transpired during that time period?

At age 9, I begin to struggle with my confidence with myself because puberty had kicked in and the fact I had to transition from no glasses to a “four eye” girl and being teased about wearing glasses really had an affected on myself because I couldn’t love myself. My confidence began to change when I started slowly picked out what I love about myself.

4. Did this have a negative effect on your relationship with yourself and others?

Most definitely.

Although, I’m a sweet person, respect everyone but, I didn’t know who I was back then. Pretended to be happy all the time it drained me deeply, which didn’t build any healthy relationships with anyone, including myself… Couldn’t tell the difference of who loved me or not because I didn’t even understand love for myself.

5. What was the most challenging time period in your life? 

The most challenging time period in my life has to be my early twenties. I could of said my teenage years but, twenties top it off the most. the loss of my grandmother and the time I almost killed myself. There’s been plenty of suicide thoughts during my teenage years but, there’s been tons of attempt of suicide in my twenties. Depression is real but, it doesn’t define who I am

6. Did you ever feel as though you were spiraling out of control? If so, at what age did you begin to lose self-control?

Sometimes, emotions can get the worse out of us. It could be overthinking, fears, anxiety, doubts. It’s like you never know what could happen next. You try to stay calm but, once things keeps stacking up you can’t help but, to lose control. There was a time I had a lot to hold in and the more I hold in, felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore.

I was raised “whatever happens in this house stays in this house” and it’s bad pressure to have on a child. At age 10 was the first time I wanted to end my life because of something that has happened to me as child. Fast forward to now, I learned pretended to be happy hurts more than dealing with the pain

7. Did you ever seek professional help? If so, what was that like?

I would love to seek professional help but, I truly have trust issues. It’s hard to find the right person to talk to you. Which is what writing has done for me. Writing is my therapy. Whenever I’m feeling low , I can count on writing because I feel like I’m not fully here anymore and writing can take me to another place(sounds weird but, saved me a lot).

8. Do you have anyone in your corner? Who are your biggest supporters?

I met incredible people who really made a difference in my life like my blogging sisters( I love you Melissa, Tam & T) but, my grandma was my number 1. No matter how imperfect I was, she still believe that I can do anything in life. She gave me my first journal at age 8, she wanted me to write down anything I was feeling.

Then there’s my baby sister – who motivates me every morning to keep going and pushes me to try harder, my two bestest friends who I call my sisters and can’t forget my buddy bud who’s my personal tech guy.

9. Do you believe social media has a positive or negative impact on the way you view confidence from within?

Social media has a positive impact because there’s love and positivity but, it all depends on who you follow plus knowing who you are and if your brand represents positivity then social media can become positive for you because you meet incredible people plus there’s new opportunities to create through social media.

I understand why people would say social media can have an negative impact but, I feel like social media can become helpful cause there’s times you’re not alone and there’s laughter from those funny videos , there’s discussion to debate about in a respectful way and there’s genuine support from others.

10. What was the hardest thing you had to embrace when it came to YOUR truth?

The hardest thing I had to embrace is my self love and self compassion.

I never thought of myself as I needed too because I tend to think of others more than I think of myself.

My truth is I Am Enough.

No matter what anyone has said to me, I Am Enough and I Am Loved.

11. What are something’s that’s holding you back from being confident in your truth?

Before, I would of blamed family for holding me back because I felt I wasn’t up to their expectations but, fast forward to today, nothing is holding me back because I realized I hold myself back from  being my best self.

12. What steps do you need to take to show up for yourself?

he steps I need to take to show up for myself is telling myself “I CAN DO THIS” “ I CAN DO IT.” And Say yes to myself more often

13. How are you going to cultivate confidence/wholeness this year and moving forward?

Every morning I say a prayer then I get up, look myself in the mirror and give myself a pep talk(sounds crazy) but, it truly helps to get through a day.

You have to give yourself a pep talk to build up that confidence.

14. What lessons have you learned? What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with cultivating confidence and their truth?

I’ve learned that nothing is ever perfect and I’m not a disappointment because I don’t live a life like others. So, my advice to those who feels like they’re not good enough to love themselves would have to be stop thinking you’re unable to love yourself. You are enough to be loved. There’s something special about everyone, only you know what that is.

15. If you had to tell anything to that little girl you used to be, what would that be? & also tell her what type of woman are you today?

I would tell her don’t listen to those who “think” they know who you are, you may not like how you look but, you have beautiful eyes and those glasses makes you even more gorgeous.

Today, you’re a woman filled with so much love and big dreams but, you still have so much to learn. You will manifest your dreams because it all starts with you.

Some may say you’re a disappointment but, to yourself you are someone incredible. Your self love journey wasn’t easy but, it has been a journey worth dealing with…

I love you.


One thought on “Cultivating confidence; while struggling with your truth|Stacey

  1. A lot of this took me back to my own experiences with depression and anxiety. A raw read, but healing in a way.

    “Before, I would of blamed family for holding me back because I felt I wasn’t up to their expectations but, fast forward to today, nothing is holding me back because I realized I hold myself back from being my best self.”

    I’m at this point in life too. It’s easy to blame my circumstances, but I realize that I’m an adult and that means I’m responsible for my own choices now. It isn’t always easy to admit that, but I think it’s necessary and helpful when it comes to moving forward. Wishing Stacey well on her journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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