Cultivating confidence; while struggling with your truth|Freda



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself + where do you reside and what it is you do? Where can we find you on social media?

I’m Freda, a trainee Psychotherapist based in a London and I’m also a personal development blogger.

You can find me on twitter: @Thefredalee & on Insta: & Fredaaaxo

2. What was your childhood like? Were you introverted/and or extroverted? 

I was an introverted child, in fact I was quite shy and would often hide behind my parents.

3. At what age did you begin to struggle with confidence? Explain what transpired during that time period?

I think confidence issues started in childhood, I was also bullied during primary school and also in secondary school. If I stood up for myself I would get shut down.

4. Did this have a negative effect on your relationship with yourself and others?

I started to dislike myself because I lacked confidence, and as result I would withdraw often.

5. What was the most challenging time period in your life? 

During my time in sixth form I was quite lonely and didn’t have much friends. In fact I became quite sucidal during those times but I never spoke up about it.

6. Did you ever feel as though you were spiraling out of control? If so, at what age did you begin to lose self-control?

During my time in sixth form, so around 16.

7. Did you ever seek professional help? If so, what was that like?

I only seeked helped during my second year of university, it was CBT and I found that I just became more avoidant as I was never getting to the root issue.

8. Do you have anyone in your corner? Who are your biggest supporters?

My best friends and my therapist and God !

9. Do you believe social media has a positive or negative impact on the way you view confidence from within?

At times it can have a negative impact of my confidence, so I try my hardest to not fall into the comparison trap.

10. What was the hardest thing you had to embrace when it came to YOUR truth?

I think I’m still in the process of embracing my truth.

11. What are something’s that’s holding you back from being confident in your truth?

Caring about what others think of me.

12. What steps do you need to take to show up for yourself?

Self care and self love !

13. How are you going to cultivate confidence/wholeness this year and moving forward?

Showing myself compassion.

14. What lessons have you learned? What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with cultivating confidence and their truth?

Take it easy, it does take time and be compassionate to yourself.

15. If you had to tell anything to that little girl you used to be, what would that be? & also tell her what type of woman are you today?

You are a Queen, and never forget that. You are loved in more ways that you’ll ever know, and I’m sorry that you’ve endured emotional suffering and pain. Today I am woman who is in the process of growing, healing, and thriving.


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