What You Already Know But Forgot About Branding | Sharda



“What You Already Know But Forgot About Branding”

October 11, 2018

By: Sharda, Creative Author & Artist

Instagram: @CharactersHere

Twitter: @CharactersHere

Branding is a process of marking, burning or stamping an image or word(s) in a person’s mind.

Branding is happening all over social media, and that’s the best place to learn how to do it.

Years ago, in my advertising class, my professor spoke about building a brand. At that time, Twitter was more popular than Facebook, and Instagram didn’t exist. So, when my professor spoke on branding, it was something that only big marketing and advertising companies did. This was also around the time when I was heavily watching YouTube Personalities that did natural hair, vlogs, and makeup. I didn’t recognize it then, but those YouTubers were branding. From their YouTube names to their musical intros, I could tell whose video I was watching without seeing their face. Today, we have Instagram, Facebook, and everything in between. We definitely recognize branding, because it’s on our phones all day long, and we don’t have to have a big marketing and advertising company do all the fun work.

Here’s a short list of things about branding that you already know, but probably forgot.

  1. Branding is Easy.

All you have to have is an idea and run with it. It is best if you’re doing something you’re really passionate about, because when it seems like you’ll never make it, your passion will say, “Girl, what you doing? Don’t give up. We got this!”

  1. Branding is Affordable.

I’m the first to say that I’ve spent a lot of money trying to market my brand and the results were not attractive. It was when I didn’t put a lot of my own money into my brand that I got more follows, shares, likes, and comments from faithful, genuine people.

  1. Branding takes a Team.

You cannot do it alone. None of us can. Having a team doesn’t necessarily mean hiring people left and right, but if you can afford it, make it do what it do. There are so many brands that collaborate with each other. I’ve learned that asking for help always does the trick. No one can help you if you don’t ask for it.


If you haven’t added it all up, I’ve created a cute acronym for you. When you are branding, you have to E.A.T. You have to make it EASY on yourself, because you’re not going into this knowing everything you need to know or do. You learn as you go. You will not be broke, because your brand is taking you to your future, and your future is prosperous. The money will come. So make this process affordable by asking for volunteers, sponsors, collaborating, etc. You will be surprised at how many people will volunteer to help you; especially, when they hear your story, speak with you, and feel a connection. That’s how you get your Team. If I didn’t learn anything with my Advertising degree, but this one thing, it’s that word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising and it’s free.


TIP: It always helps to get inspiration, motivation, and information from similar brands to help you along your journey. Here’s how: go to your favorite social media platform and look up three brands that are similar to your brand. Find (1) the most interactive, (2) the one you like the most, and (3) the least interactive. You’re looking for key information such as what is being posted and how it looks, are people liking and sharing the content, and are they commenting, is the brand a face or a product/service or both, etc. Once you have collected data, you are not to copy and paste or compare. Your brand is your brand. If Walmart and Target can both exist selling groceries, clothes, electronics, and more, then you and that similar brand can, too.


I hope this blog post has helped you. Please use it, share it and leave a comment.



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