The Power of Women Empowerment | Mariah


Hello beautiful people,

Today I will be highlighting Mariah in this weeks “The Power of Women Empowerment”.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself + what it is you do and where can we find you on social media?

My name is Mariah Thompson-Bills, I am a lifestyle blogger.

I blog about most of my life experiences and how I was able to overcome them.

Blogging became an outlet for me when I went through some of my deepest depressed moments.


IG Business: @dreamwithconfidence

IG Personal: @dreamwithmariah

Facebook: Mariah Thompson-Bills & Dream With Confidence

Twitter: DreamWC

2. What does women empowerment mean to you?

Seeing other strive for what they want and having the ability to help them celebrate their success, while being genuinely happy for them.

Also, being able to show people that no matter your walk of life you can make it out and do something great with your life.

Showing people love even when you are at your weakest moment. Uplifting others in their time of need.

3. What do you love about women empowerment?

Being able to interact with women who understand that we need to stick together and support each other without the mindset of competition.

Also, developing different and new relationships with like-minded women.

Having the ability to uplift each other, not even realizing that we need it.

4. What is something you’re willing to bring to women empowerment?

I’m willing to bring peace, grace, love, communication, honestly, support, mental health awareness, my experiences, life, fun, my skills, what I know and all around joy to women empowerment.

5. How are you showing up for yourself and other women?

Being transparent with my blog.

Not being afraid to tell my story and connect with others that are going through or been through similar things.

Investing and educating myself on how to be better than I was the day before.

6. What are 3-5 things you value about being a woman?

The ability to reproduce.

Knowing that women are powerful and we honestly hold the world in our hands.

Our strength!

There are so many things that I want to say however I don’t want to take away from men.

But: women have the ability to bounce back, women know mature faster, women are capable with or without a man, women love hard, and many other things.

I honestly just love being a women because I know some men can’t withstand most of the things I’ve been through and still put a smile on their face to make sure their children are great.

Women are under paid in the work community and still making it.

We are just all around powerful and we don’t fold under pressure.

Social media handles:


IG Business: @dreamwithconfidence

IG Personal: @dreamwithmariah

Facebook: Mariah Thompson-Bills & Dream With Confidence

Twitter: DreamWC


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