The Power of Women Empowerment | Jasmine


Hello beautiful people,

Today I will be highlighting Jasmine in this weeks “The Power of Women Empowerment”.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself + what it is you do and where can we find you on social media?

Hello, my name is Jasmine Nicole, I’m a wife, mother, CPHt, with a BS in Nutrition from Southeastern Louisiana University.

I am the creator of The Crowning Glory, ((

An online platform and blog focusing on Lifestyle, Beauty,Inspiration, empowerment and positivity.

You can find me on social media at the following…





2. What does women empowerment mean to you?

Women empowerment means using your strengths, talents, and voice to uplift your fellow woman.

3. What do you love about women empowerment?

The thing I love about woman empowerment is that it is a great opportunity to spend positivity.

I do believe love and positivity can heal the world, and that starts within.

4. What is something you’re willing to bring to women empowerment?

My stories and my vulnerability. I feel like women can relate, empower themselves by learning from my mistakes, and be inspired by my triumphs.

5. How are you showing up for yourself and other women?

I show up for other women by making myself available as a sister if needed.

By making a daily conscious effort to heal from the past & end generational curses I show up for myself and  other women and our little girls.

6. What are 3-5 things you value about being a woman?

I value  the bonds that sisterhood can create between women of all backgrounds.

I love being a mother!

I love the fact that we can do so much of what men can do,  and somethings they can not and make it look good, lol.

Social media handles:






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