Everyday I am finding comfort in just BEING.

Growing and allowing myself to freely feel.

Without any conditions or limitations.

In the beginning it wasn’t easy.

Shit some days seem harder than most.

Harder to breathe.

Harder to embrace the unknown.

Harder to understand shit YOU just don’t understand.

But what I do know…

It gets better and easier in due time.

Once you begin to self-reflect, invest, dig deeper and embrace ALL of you.

The good, bad and the ugly.

The days where you don’t feel like loving yourself.

The days where you want to fuck shit up.

The days where you’re glowing and NOTHING or NO ONE can get in YOUR way.

The days where you just don’t know what to do, say or think.

All of these days…

The biggest thing for you to do when these days come….



Once I decided to STOP running from this journey.

My truth.




Peace of mind.

This journey began to become a little more clear.

I found comfort.





Whenever I begin to get discouraged because I am HUMAN…

I go back to my WHY.

Why did I start this journey?

Why do I want to be free?

Why do I deserve happiness?

I learned that when you go back to your why, you begin to tap back into your power.

Your why gives you strength, courage and purpose to become a BETTER you.

It helps you get back to your mission and journey there.

Even if you have to start over a million times.


You’ll be good.

The biggest thing I’ve faced with this journey is being completely honest and vulnerable with MYSELF.

Opening up.

No judgement.

No limits.

No bullshit.


Whatever that is.

Quick reminder….

During this self-love journey….

I want you to be mind(FUL) that EVERYONE’S definition of self-love is different.

What I feel/think may be self-love….

Might not be self-love to someone else.

& that’s absolutely okay.

I believe it’s important to not generalize or project what we feel onto other people.

Because we are all different.

We learn and internalize things differently.


Takeia Cage 💋


6 thoughts on “Self-loving.

    1. Thank you so much sis, and you’re definitely right about that!

      So glad to be able to reflect and fix the things I need to work on ❤️


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