Can I be completely honest?

I don’t give myself enough credit.

I’m beyond hard on myself.

I often let my anxiety get the best of me.

I get so overwhelmed that I shut down.

It’s not healthy.

I know this.

I’m working on it.

I’m human.

& it’s okay.

I’m learning to genuinely love the parts of me that I knit-pick everyday.

Some days I love these things and other days I hate them.

It doesn’t matter how hard I try to embrace these things…

I just can’t seem to embrace them…

People think that you’re supposed to be 100% confident.

But I would say I’m 85% confident within myself.

The other 15% are things I’m still struggling with.

But in due time I’ll be able to embrace + heal these parts.

I’m not perfect.

I know I’ll never be perfect.

I’m finally coming to terms with that.

It’s frustrating as hell.

But it’s okay.

The crazy thing about life is taking full responsibility for your shit.

Owning it.

Reflecting on it.

Pushing forward.

Right now…

I am taking full responsibility of my shit.

I am choosing to honor and show up for myself daily.

Even when I feel like shit.

I’m going to show up.



5 thoughts on “Unraveling.

    1. Yes! Even when we feel shitty, we have to show up for ourselves. It’s a process, but it’s necessary ❤️

      Thanks sis 😘❤️


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