Unplugging is very important to me.

Taking time to re-focus and align myself.

Pouring into myself.

Showing up for myself.

Eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Focusing more on the things I need to be doing.

When I need to be doing them.

Utilizing my planner.


Checking things off.

Being productive, rather than busy.

Manifesting the things I want.

Investing more into my brand.

Speaking less.

Doing more.

Embracing growth.

Standing in my truth.

Shinning light on the positives.

Without facing the negatives with negativity.

Shifting my focus on being more centered in the now.

Not rushing anything.

Just letting everything flow.


Quick message:

When you are feeling as though you need to know what God is doing in your life, use that time to focus on what YOU need to be doing in your life, while he is making things happen behind the scene.

I think we get so caught up with wanting to know everything and every little detail that we miss out on the amazing things that’s happening around us.

Which can sometimes make us miss out on so many little blessings we tend to overlook, because we’re so busy wanting to know every single thing God is doing on our behalf.

Just be a little more patient.

Re-focus and center yourself in the NOW.


Takeia Cage


5 thoughts on “Re-focused.

  1. Thanks for this reminder! currently am focusing more on myself, putting myself together. Sometimes I find that I spend so much time investing into other… nothing is wrong with that, but, I often neglect myself along the way. Am refocusing 🙂

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    1. Yesss! We all get like that, and once we feel like we’re neglecting ourselves, we have to start pouring back into ourselves ❤️

      & you’re welcome ❤️

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