Life is always speaking to you and through you.


This year I have been allowing life to speak to me and through me.

I am allowing myself to fully trust the process.

Whatever the process is.

I’m trusting it.

There isn’t an end date.

Just a journey you are going to be on.


My mind, body and soul is open wide.

God has been telling me to enjoy these moments.

Without neglecting the lessons.

Life is always teaching you something.


It’s overwhelming.

But I feel free.

I am reminded that there is purpose in every single lesson life is teaching you.

I am also reminded that this life of mine is constantly changing.

My purpose is bigger than me.

It’s mind blowing.

But in a good way.

I am becoming more patient.

Matter of fact….

Life is teaching me self-discipline and control.

There are days where things don’t make sense.

But there is signs all around me.


Keep going.

Never forget your WHY.

You were created for this.

God didn’t put you here to give up on what you were called to do.

You are allowed to stop.

To re-focus.

& re-discover your higher self.

It’s okay.

Life is about learning and unlearning things.

Embrace it all.

Feel every emotion.

Don’t hide anything from yourself.

Because life is always speaking to you and through you.


Takeia Cage


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