Choosing ME


As I am entering this new season in my life….

Things are beginning to align perfectly.

Healthy boundaries have been set.

Toxic holds have been released.

I am FINALLY choosing ME.

I am making my peace and happiness a priority.


It feels good to know that YOU can start completely over whenever YOU want to.

When YOU want to.

When YOU are ready, great things WILL find YOU.

I didn’t have to have it all together.

Even though we often feel as though we HAVE to have it all together before great things happen.

I just needed to be more open to receiving it.

Receiving ALL that was meant for ME.

Whatever that was.

I was finally OKAY with embracing the unknown.

I was open.

Ready like never before.

Releasing the things I thought I needed to control.

Like time.

Even though it doesn’t wait on no one.

I was practicing self-discipline + control.

Learning that it was ALL apart of his plan and NOT mine.

Those lessons was nothing but blessings.

Being fearful was too draining.

I had to release.

I had to learn how to let go.

Even when it hurt like HELL.

I felt better afterwards.


Telling myself ” Girl, YOU could’ve BEEN did this”.


Oh well.

I finally surrendered all of me.

I’m finally choosing ME.


Takeia Cage


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