What being unavailable taught me this year.


Often times we speak so much on showing up and out for others and tend to forget to do those same exact things for ourselves. As much as it may be easier to pour into others, it’s also very imperative that we’re using that same energy to pour, love and nourish ourselves as well.

I had this problem last year, and it caused me to have the biggest burnout in my life.

I felt as though my mind, body and soul gave completely out.

I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

Everything around me felt like a blur, like I was losing my vision and over passion for the things I truly love and worked so hard for.

I didn’t feel like talking, going to events, being around people and to top it off I felt like giving up on MYSELF.

I’ve battled with depression and anxiety for years, and I don’t think it got worse until I got into my twenties.

I found myself going back down this dark path, that I knew I didn’t want to go down again.

I didn’t feel motivated, inspired or positive.

So instead of allowing the devil to steal my joy and peace.

I decided to rebuild this amazing bond and relationship with God, again.

I still have my days where I don’t feel motivated to do anything, but now I don’t beat myself up for feeling uninspired, motivated or distance.

I truly understand NOW that there are going to be days, weeks, shit even months where I don’t feel like being available to anything or anyone.

And guess what?

That’s okay.

For me; I have an amazing support system and handle of genuine people in my corner who completely understand, LOVES me and gives me my space when I need it.


If you don’t have people around you, that don’t understand your NEED for having space, then maybe you don’t NEED those types of people in your space.

I’m not saying fall off the face of earth and completely lose contact with people you love and care about, but there isn’t anything wrong with being unavailable inorder to get YOU back together.


You don’t need to feel apologetic or ashamed for pouring into yourself and making YOU a priority.

Use this time to dig deeper within YOU, find things YOU enjoy and love to do, perfect your craft, fall back in love with yourself, try something new or whatever it is you feel you NEED to do to get back to YOU.

What being unavailable taught me about ME

There is this abundance amount of strength that’s within me, even when I feel weak at times.

ALWAYS give gratitude to God.

Speak love and light into your life and circumstances everyday.

Instead of complaining about needing a break, give yourself THAT break YOU need.

Stop explaining yourself to people who are selfish and don’t care about your mental well-being.

The more you embrace and love on the woman you are today, you will make room for the woman you will become in the future.

Your self-love and care journey is going to always be an ongoing journey, there’s always going to be so many new things to learn about yourself.

There isn’t nothing wrong with wanting to be alone.

Release, refresh, relax and reflecting is so imperative.

The way you feel is valid, always have been and always will be.

Even when you don’t feel your best, don’t beat yourself up.

You’re going to have days where you feel like complete SHIT, and that’s completely fine and normal.


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