2017 has been a year filled with an abundance amount of peace, healing and self-forgiveness. There has been so many highs, lows, lessons and sacrifices. 

This year I had to learn the importance of letting go of the need to be perfect…. 

Knowing that the need to be perfect has hindered me in so many ways. & when I say that, I mean I was only holding myself back because my fear of failing or making mistakes. 

I had to make that decision that everything wasn’t going to always be sunshine and roses. You’re going to make mistakes, a lot of them and that’s OKAY! You don’t have to know everything, or even have everything figured out step by step.

You also don’t have to rush anything that God wants you to have, period! When you don’t understand the importance of being patient w/ God and trusting the process to get to where he wants you to be, it’s going to seem like nothing is working out in your favor because you want it right then and there! & often times, the things we pray for daily, be things we don’t know how to handle once we get them.

In 2017….

I also ended up falling back into a deep depression. I was working for a company who didn’t value, support, or appreciate me. I felt as though I was losing myself and my passion/purpose for the type of work God placed into my heart. 

Everyday I would wake up, and immediately feel terrible on the inside because I knew I had to walk into a place I knew I shouldn’t be. Instead of making the best out of the situation, I allowed this employer to take MY power away

I had to realize that if you wake up every morning and believe you’re going to have a terrible day, guess what? You’re going to have a terrible day! I didn’t want to see the good in the situation because my focus was getting completely out of it, instead of using that time to reflect on what this situation taught me about myself.


Instead of thinking about the negative things you’re experiencing at that job, write down a list of lessons and things you’re grateful for, from that employer. 

Let’s start reclaiming our time and power from people and things we give complete control to. Let’s continue to find lessons and share our stories with one another, that’s going through something similar. Let’s continue to think positive, but also not neglect the negative things that’s transpiring in our lives. 

After God gently removed me from that employer…

I spent my two month work-free break, reclaiming my time and doing things I absolutely enjoy. I started to journal more, I started taking better care of ME and the people around me. I started setting clear intentions and boundaries with myself and other people. 

There has been a blessing in every lesson this year, from leaving a job in the beginning of the year that I loved, to a job from hell, to a new job that has so many opportunities and advances. I know that there’s so much more for me, and God is going to make sure that I not only see those blessings but feel them as well. 

As I wrap up this post…

2017 has taught me to be more gentle, compassionate, kinder, loving and trusting my strengths. 

When I decided to fully commit to myself, so many things began to change in my life, doors began to open, and saying “no” to things, people and places I didn’t want to be became easier. 


Takeia Cage


9 thoughts on “Releasing.

  1. “You also don’t have to rush anything that God wants you to have, period!”

    I had to understand this truth during my journey of self-love, growth, and healing in 2017. Rushing what God may have for you won’t bring you there, it will only delay the process of getting there.

    Releasing… creates inevitable space in your mind and heart to produce more. There was a lot of releasing needed in 2017.

    Happy new years, sister!!! New year, renewed mind.

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  2. Omg this completely fell into my lap! I am feeling like I should leave a job that I just don’t love. I feel I should be pursuing my passion and living THAT life. I’m trying to stay positive and teamain humble and grateful but also not let my employer have all my power. This post helped give me a bit more perspective on what it is I should be doing when it comes to me…thank you for being such a light!

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    1. You’re more than welcome! ❤️

      It’s not easy, but you have to do what’s best for you at the end of the day! ❤️


  3. Again I love this post! You write very well, your thoughts are so clear and concise. I literally went through the same type of experience, feeling so down about myself over having jobs that I really could not stand. Learning to see the benefits in the jobs you hate really is important, it helps you get through the day so that you can switch your focus towards the things you love to do when you get off!

    One thing I’ve been learning is just to put in my hours for “the man” but then always remember to go home and work on myself, work on my own dreams, use my work situations to enable me to do what I love. Keeping my mind focused on what my true purpose is, is my comfort!

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