It’s fall, and I’m in loveeeee.

I’m in love with myself, and my life. I’ve become more intentional when it comes to expressing gratitude over everything + everyone in my life, and it’s starting to become apart of my everyday routine.

I’ve become more appreciative of the little things in life like praying, making coffee, eating breakfast, dropping my daughter off at school, writing a new blog post, checking my emails, and watching the butterflies land on the pretty flowers that’s in front of my apartment complex.

My days are even becoming brighter, and the past is only a reflection in my rear view mirror. I have forgiving + embraced all of the things I couldn’t be, or change. There’s still days where I sit, and reflect on my growth and how far I’ve came, but dwelling on the bad shit? Nah

It just feels amazing to be in such a space that required so much self-love and forgiveness. I feel free, and whole, again. Words and things can’t express how fulfilled I feel, and it’s because of God’s faithfulness. I plan on staying in this healthy state of mind, and when negative self-talk approaches, I’ll remind myself of how worthy + deserving I am. 

Sprinkle of motivation:

I just want to encourage you all to continue to be intentional with the things you want to do, and remember to stay focused even when you’re faced with unfortunate difficulties. 

I know life can become overwhelming, especially when you’re in a really dark space, but I want you to know that bad days don’t last forever! 


We all have choices, and today I want you to make that conscious decision to choose peace and joy! ❤


Takeia 💋


18 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. Great words of encouragement, Takeia!

    I love what you said, “I’ve become more appreciative of the little things in life like praying, making coffee…etc”

    I believe creating a healthy place starts with a heart of gratitude. Making a decision to be thankful for the tiniest things in life perpetuates your heart for the new and bigger things that are to come.

    Love you sister!

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  2. Yes, yes, and more YESS! I have been in this same space as well, and it feels great. I’m still improving on somethings, but staying grateful has been key to all of it.

    Thank you, Takeia, for all of your wonderful posts.

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  3. You just seem so much happier and I love to see that you’re in a better place. It was just the other day when we would text each other about the job you disliked and your horrible boss and now you’re free from it all doing and living better.

    Your happiness is my happiness!
    Your glow is my glow
    I am my sisters keeper 💛
    Love you beautiful

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    1. Thank you so much for being my shoulder to lean on during that difficult time, and seeing my transition.

      I love you so much, sis ❤❤


  4. And I’ve definitely seen the difference in you sis and very much proud of you. I feeling like loving yourself is the best thing that anyone can do + when you feel like you deserve better than what you’re going through and you’re doing something about it – is amazing and I love how you said “bad days don’t last forever ” and it’s true bad days don’t last forever and we can’t keep thinking it does . Our problems are only temporary – I just need to keep that in mind. What an amazing encouragement that I needed to hear this morning . … love you sis ❤️

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    1. Aww, thank you so much!!!

      Yes, bad days doesn’t last long unless we allow them to.

      I’m glad this post was something you needed to hear today, love youuu too! ❤


  5. Self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Things that I’m still working on. This post read so much into my current life situations that I couldn’t help but to read it again. At some point, no matter what…happiness is a choice and this post was a reminder that I need to choose it. So thank you 🙏🏾❤️

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  6. Your words are so inspiring. It reminds me that even though I’m going through dark days, things will begin to get better. I have to work on training my brain to see beauty in the smallest if things. Every bit of good will add up and make a difference.

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    1. Thank you so much, love. & yes, being appreciative of the smallest things in life, even if we feel as though things are falling apart ❤


  7. Let me just say the sincerity in this gives me chills!
    I keep telling myself I need to get back to being this way. Thank you for this post it’s an encouragement to start getting back to being happy, friendly, non complaining me sooner than later!
    Love It Takeia!

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