new seasons…


As I am beginning to settle into this new season, I am reminded daily of how graceful + merciful God is. Often times when things begin to shift in our lives, we get to complaining and question why God isn’t doing this or that. So we do things on our own, and end up in terrible situations because we’re too impatient to wait. 

The things I am learning in this new season is how to appreciate where I am at, at this very moment, while also embracing all of the amazing things that’s around me. I plan on being more intentional with my purpose, consistent with my passion, and gentle with myself this season. I also plan on finishing my vision board, and continuing to hold myself more accountable.

I have also learned that regardless of where I want to be, I have to appreciate the place I am in right now. I can’t force anything to happen, because things are going to happen when they’re supposed to happen. I guess that’s why I’m not stressed or worried about anything, because I know when God shows up, he shows out and that’s all the confirmation I need.


Everyday you have a choice, and today I choose forgiveness. 

Today’s affirmation: Today I genuinely forgive myself for not being perfect, for making stupid mistakes, for settling for things I knew I didn’t deserve, for being too hard on myself, and for allowing self-sabotage to take place in my life for years.

These types of things will eat you up to the point where you don’t even achieve some of the greatest things in your life, because you’re constantly giving these negative thoughts full access to control you! Who wants to live that way? I know I don’t, and sometimes it take for you to be able to fully look in the mirror and understand that change begins with you, and not with anyone else.

Quick reflection…

Thinking back to the things that transpired this year, I could’ve allowed so many things bring me back into darkness, and just fucking snap! But I choose to rise above all of that, and move forward in love. It’s not always easy taking the high road in situations where some people need to be cussed clean the hell out, but it’s so worth it for your mental health. 

Quick reminder…

Whenever you find yourself wanting to get back at the people for wronging you, ask yourself this “is this going to bring me peace”? If not, re-evaluate your approach and always come from a place of love. 


4 thoughts on “new seasons…

  1. This was beautifully put my dear. I always enjoy seeing your growth transpire on paper (web) lol. Keep blosdoming, sis. You’re headed towards great places!

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  2. I love, love, love your blog! I literally feel like I’m reading through a mirror just going through your posts and your outlook on life and letting God take control. I’ve blogged about a lot of your blog topics too, so its nice to see that I’m not the only one feeling and learning certain things in life.

    Best thing I’ve ever done was trust God, and your testimonies are very comforting and inspiring to read.

    May you continue to trust God and be blessed, I’ll be keeping up with your blog!

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