Life changes.



It’s so easy to become frustrated, angry, and even bitter when things in your life begin to go downhill, especially when you felt as though things were starting to get better. I’ve been praying for peace, strength, guidance, and patience when it came to a specific toxic situation, and this weekend I asked God to free me from anything that he felt didn’t serve my purpose, or spirit! & guess what he did, freed me from that emotionally + mentally draining situation!

When I tell you I feel amazing, refreshed, and free! I genuinely mean it, like it feels good waking up in the morning, and not having to worry about going into a toxic work environment, and being micro-managed all day! It’s draining, and not healthy for anyone! I truly believe this was exactly what I needed to be freed from, and I feel fulfilled! I prayed on this situation for months, and God gave me confirmation that it’s time to let go, and let’s just say he doesn’t make any mistakes!

I have learned so many things within these past 6-7 months, and one big lesson that has stuck with me is to NEVER settle for anything, it doesn’t matter how much you’re getting paid, period! You can be the sweetest + positive person in the planet, and there will still be people out here that has a field day bringing you down, and it’s so disgusting + pathetic! You can shed light on situations, but shit never changes, and that’s just how things + people are, and it’s mind boggling!

I really felt like I was losing myself + passion being somewhere that diminished who I am, and that’s not right! I’ve always/still have a passion for helping people, and I swear I was ready to be like you know what, maybe I shouldn’t do this anymore because that’s how bad things was! I just thank God I didn’t make that decision because I genuinely love people, and I love helping people! ❤

I knew I was deserving of something so much better, I don’t know why I didn’t cut things off when I seen the red flags in the beginning… I can’t wait to finally experience working for a company where I feel valued, appreciated, and supported like a human being! I swear there’s been so many lessons, personal-growth, and blessings within these last few months, it’s insane! I honestly thank God for growth, and a peace of mind! It’s not our jobs to humble others, that’s God job, and you know what they say? GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY! 🤷🏽‍♀️


As some of you may/may not know, back in July I decided to go back to school, and finish up my BSW. Monday was the beginning of the semester, and I must say it’s looking like a really great semester so far! I manged to tackle the first weeks assignments, and I was surprised at how much homework my professors gave out this week! I had two essays, two quizzes, and multiple little homework assignments. I never go to school in the summertime, and I thought I was mentally prepared for all of this school work, once I looked at that syllabus, I almost fainted lbvs!

It felt so good stepping back on campus, and doing what I love, and that’s learning new things! The classes I’m taking this semester is really interesting, and I look forward to learning more about creative writing, and the emotional + mental affects natural disasters have on people etc! I also decided to take an introduction to art class, mind you I can’t draw to save my life, but it’s more so focused on the background of art, and how art is pretty much apart of our everyday lives!

New illustration alert:

(Here’s the final look to the new Unashamed Queens illustration, created by Deun Ivory).

I’ll have shirts, hats, and other accessories available for pre-order next Friday 9/1, all items will ship out 9/8. I’ve also created a free 3 week self-care workshop, that I’m beyond excited about! The feedback, and support I’ve been getting from this workshop is amazing, and I’m so thankful that I’m doing the things I’m passionate about, and that’s helping others reach their higher-self.


8 thoughts on “Life changes.

  1. Ppl and situations be really pressed about what your doing. It has more to do with how they feel about themselves than you. They project their fears and insecurities on you because you dare to dream. Live your life and let your light shine.

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