embracing all of me.


(Photo is from Nicholle Kobi).

Hello beautiful souls,

Today I just wanted to talk about my journey through embracing all of me, and how important it is to embrace all of you. If you’ve been journeying with me, or if you’re a new follower to my blog I talked about struggling with lack of self-love, and not realizing my worth. 

When I began the journey of self-love three to four years ago, I had to face some of my most darkest moments + truths. Truths no-one knew but myself, truths no-one would ever see on the outer parts of me, truths no-one would ever have imagined me going through because I was the master of hiding my pain, and covering it with “I’m good”, knowing damn well I was hurting so bad.

I’ve always been the type of person that was just private, everything about me was private and it wasn’t until I started blogging that I decided I wanted to open up a little more and share my testimony with others, and also help them re-discover their light as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a very private person when it comes to the things + people I love + treasure near to my heart. I have also realized that you can still be a private person that can share what you’re struggling with, without getting to far into details, and that’s okay. I’ve always kept a journal with me, writing down my thoughts, fears and things that were eating me up on the inside has also helped me in my journey through self-love.

People don’t tell you that the process is going to have some really bad days, and when I say bad I mean really bad days. You have to really figure things out, because everyone’s journey is different. When I was going through my season of exposure, a few things that I have learned was the importance of self-discipline + control and patience. These three things kept me ground, and held me accountable. I would have days were I felt alone, even though I was surrounded by people who loved me, unconditionally. I was telling myself I was alone, which isn’t healthy, by far….

During this journey I had to learn to trust + believe in myself. If I didn’t love + value myself, how would it be possible for me to love + value the people that’s in my life or even others that I wanted to encourage? This was when self-evaluation played a huge part in my journey. 

I had to re-evaluate myself, and the things I allowed to interfere with how I viewed myself. I had to learn how to love the good, the bad and the ugly parts of me. I had to understand that I was worthy, and that I had a handful of people who loved + cherished me and my well-being. I wasn’t alone, I was loved deeply and I that I should love myself as well.

I had to learn that I was not only beautiful on the outside, but I was also beautiful on the inside. I had to learn that people will only focus on the outer parts of a person, without knowing that on the inside they’re struggling with loving themselves. 

This is why it’s so important that you don’t focus on outer beauty appearances, but what’s really on the inside! Not saying these people are bad people, because they’re not but if you love someone, then you should always encourage and inspire them to be their greater self.

I’m beyond grateful for my support system, and most importantly God because without his faithfulness and grace, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today! & my support system has also helped me in so many ways, the moment I re-discovered my light, that’s when I began to embrace all of me, unapologetically + unashamed.

Sprinkle of motivation:

When you’re going through your journey of self-love, please embrace + accept all of you! The good, bad and the ugly! Don’t let anyone tell you, what your journey should look like because all of our journeys are different. Understand that it’s okay to be mad, angry, disappointed and confused! You’re going to have days where you feel up, and then there’s going to be days where you feel down, and that’s okay! 

It’s all apart of the process, and there’s going to be days where you’re going to feel like giving up, but that’ll defeat the purpose! Don’t forget that there’s also going to be days where you’re happy, fulfilled and joyful! Just continue to press forward, surround yourself around positive people and don’t compare your journey to others.


2 thoughts on “embracing all of me.

  1. “I had to learn that I was not only beautiful on the outside, but I was also beautiful on the inside.” – yesssss, sis . DONT just love who you are on the outside but, also love who you are on the inside. Self love is a journey to embrace and appreciate. I’m 25 years old and it took me 25 years to actually love myself , to love my personality and love who I’ve became and it’s not an overnight feeling neither . Yes, you’ll have bad days were you say to yourself I’m not good enough but, you’ll forget about that negative voice , once you remind yourself How incredible you are and worthy you are . Btw I love this picture ❤️.


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