intentional living.


Intentional means done on purpose; deliberate.

I just want to briefly share with you all how intentional living has gotten me through these past 6 months, and how it’s getting me ready to conqueror these next 6 months.

I have learned that waiting on things to happen in my life, doesn’t happen until I take the initiative to make these things happen! I remember sitting, planning, dreaming and getting frustrated because things weren’t happening the way I pictured them happening in my dreams! I’m not saying don’t dream, but what’s a dream if you’re scared to execute that that same dream you’ve been dreaming about? What’s the point of dreaming about something, you’re scared of doing? What’s making you scared? What’s making you uncomfortable? What’s making you not want to chase your dreams? Ask yourself these questions, and id the answer comes back to you, then it’s time to do some self-reflecting.

What helped me with living intentional was living in my truth, being unashamed + my authentic-self! I had to remind myself that I am not perfect, and that I’m going to make mistakes, but I don’t have to be ashamed about the mistakes I make either! You have to stop being ashamed of your journey, you don’t know who is out there that’s rooting for you and who is out there needing to hear your testimony! 

You also have to learn how to celebrate + root for yourself as well. When I began to live intentional, I knew there was going to be people around me that didn’t see my vision, or people who clearly wasn’t going to support the amazing things that I do. Instead of me mopping and crying about people not being in my corner, I decided to use all of that energy to perfect my craft. You can’t let people dictate who you are, and what you’re capable of achieving! You’re magical, and deserving of living an abundance life that’s filled with joy, love, peace and happiness!

I’ve also noticed when I started to become more intentional with my dreams, God began to align so many things in my life! I started to get more creative, my vision became more clearer and things just began to happen, because I was allowing them to happen. I had to stop the bullshit, and just do the work! I had to also remind myself that this life was 100% mines, and me waiting around for a miracle to happen, wasn’t getting me to the places I needed to be. I’m still working on where I want to be in life, but right now I have everything I need, while working on where I want to be. I’m not comfortable, but I’m content + happy.

We don’t realize how important it is that we don’t focus too much on the outcome, when we do this we begin to miss out on so many valuable lessons + life teachings. You get to thinking well such and such did this and that in this amount time of time, why can’t this happen for me? Well for starters… Your journey is yours, and theirs is theirs. You can’t rush greatness, it takes time, but you still have to do the work and focus on your own lane! When we begin to compare our journeys with others, we set ourselves up to fail. That’s why it’s important that we focus on our own lane, and not compare ours to theirs.

“Scared money, don’t make money”

This is probably one of my favorite phrases/quotes, whenever I feel like I’m allowing self-sabotage ti interfere with my dreams, I automatically think about this quote and it gets me all the way together! Often times we talk about what we’re going to do, what we want to do and how we’re going to do it but we end up NEVER doing it, and we end up beat ourselves up because we feel as though it’s too late! We waste valuable time sitting, planning, and waiting for these things to fall into your lap, when the only way these things are going to happen is if we get up and do it! If you sit and wait on the right time, you’re going to be waiting forever, sorry! You have to do the work to get YOU to where YOU need to be, stop waiting for someone else to give you the go or to put you on and just GO! If you’re worried about making mistakes, I just want to let you in on a little secret…YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES! Period! Every successful person has falling and made a million and one mistakes, but guess what they did? They got back up, fixed the mistake and kept on going! Don’t wait on anything, don’t put too much of your time on planning things, just do it! We put way too much time into focusing on the outcome, that we forget to appreciate what the journey is teaching us about ourselves.

Today start, and don’t look back! Just figure everything out along the way, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to have days where you feel as though is this even worth, and then there will be days that are joyful and beautiful. You also have to know what whatever you put out into the world, it’s going to be well received! Don’t worry about who’s going to love it, as long as you love it that’s all that matters! I hope this blog inspired you, have an amazing + joyous day.


13 thoughts on “intentional living.

  1. Scared money sure doesn’t make money! I used to be so ashamed of my journey because I’m a perfectionist and a lot of the people around me were doing great, but after a deep talk with my childhood best friend, I realized, everyone goes through things. My dad said to me one day “someone may be ahead of you now doing the exact thing you want to do, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be taken even further once your time comes” and that has literally been stuck with me. Intentional living literally gives you the blueprint to build your foundation, mess up, audit and learn as you keep building each level of your life.

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    1. I love this, sis! & your dad is absolutely right, we have to enjoy our journeys, even if it may seem like it’s taking a while ❤


  2. Yes, yes , yes, – “what’s a dream if you’re scared to execute that that same dream you’ve been dreaming about?” – been there and done that!. Writing your dreams and thinking about your dreams but, sitting there – not doing nothing about it but, wishfully thinking is a waste of time. I’m so blessed & happy that I overcame that stage cause you’re absolutely right what’s the point of dreaming if you’re not going to do nothing about it. And im glad that I step outside of my box and just chase my dreams and do what’s best for me . AND thats the problem, too many people worrying about why this or that doesn’t support me or once someone say “oh you can’t do that” — ohhh no, never listen to those who says you can’t because honey YES you can …. it is your dreams , your visions , your journey- you better go after it …. I love you sis . ❤️


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    1. Yes! You’re definitely right about that, sis! I’m glad you were able to step outside of your comfort zone and tackle on your dreams head on! It’s an amazing feeling to just do it. Planning is a waste of valuable time, that we can’t get back! =D


    1. Yes! We can’t be scared, just take that leap of faith and you’ll feel 10x times better, even if it’s not for you, at least you did it! ❤

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  3. Thank you for writing this post! I have been slacking a lot on my goals and this is the wake up call that I needed. ‘Scared money, don’t make money’ – a motto to live by

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