rejoicing in the abundance of joy.


Hello beautiful souls,

Today I just wanted to share a few things that’s been on my mind these past few days. If you’ve been with me since the beginning of my journey, you can see that there’s been so much joy and then there’s been so much pain. As I’m sitting in my tub filled with bubbles, a glass of wine and candles, I can’t help but to thank God for being so faithful + gracious! I remember a time where I felt as though I was drowning in my own negative thoughts + feeling as though some things were way beyond me and now realizing that if God feels as though I’m worthy, why shouldn’t I feel the same way? 

Reflecting back a few years ago.

I remember not feeling happy + worthy! This type of happiness didn’t have anything to do with others, but it had a lot to do with me! I’ve always been everyone’s favorite, but deep down within myself, I pretty much hated a lot of things within myself! I’ve always felt beautiful on the outside, but it was the things on the inside that made me feel the ugliest! I hated how shy I was, I hated how quite I was, & these are just a few things I can name off. But you get the point, hopefully you do…


I remember getting to a point where I knew the journey of self-love + healing was very important + vital to my well being! I remember breaking down to my teacher on how I was ready to turn a new leaf, & begin living a more healthy + happy life. When I finally decided to register for college, that’s when the journey of self-love + healing began. I started reading more books, breaking outside of my comfort zone, meeting new people and finding new ways to love myself, unconditionally. I think the amazing thing about this journey was the fact that I can reflect on the things that was keeping me in darkness, to the light God began to shine into my life NOW! 

I’ve also noticed that we can be our worse enemies at times, but then again you can start the journey of self-love + healing and become a healthy version of yourself. For me journaling has become my best friend these last few years, sometimes I would just write the things that’s been on my mind and not post them just for my own personal reasons. I also realized that there’s no such thing as missed blessings, because the things we miss is only learning experiences for us to get it right next time and the blessing is going to be BIGGER. That’s why when I decided to create “Unashamed Queens” it was to help other women who has experienced darkness but also needed a sisterhood where they can come be supported, celebrated and loved! That was my dream, & it’s finally beginning to manifest itself by the grace of God!

Often times we find ourselves stressing about the negative things that’s happening in our lives, without shedding light on the positive things that’s transpiring in our lives! I remember complaining to God about things I knew was in my control, that I allowed them to happen and then I went on to asking him to fix these things when it was something I had to fix within myself! Not saying God isn’t a healer but in order to be healed, you also have to be willing to do the work as well! So just an FYI to anyone wanting to be healed, God will heal you as long as you’re fully ready to be healed and filled with his grace! ❤

How has your journey of self-love been going? What tips can you give someone that’s transitioning to their journey of self-love? 



8 thoughts on “rejoicing in the abundance of joy.

  1. My journey of self love has been like a roller coaster, one minute you’re up – feeling yourself then the next you’re down – feeling hopeless and depress and that’s how it’s been for me. Thank God I’ve grown to love myself even more cause boy it was a journey to say “I love me, no matter what anyone says. There’s a saying that I read from “I love my love” by Reyna biddy and it’s says “loving yourself is the most fulfilling and beautiful love that life has to offer. Unfortunately, we’re all looking to love someone else… we’re all looking to be loved by someone else, first” and this is true, I remember back then, in order for me to love me I needed someone to tell me “i love you” so, I can love myself because I hated the way I look, speak and act cause I felt like I wasn’t like everyone else or what society says a girl needs to be but, I’m 25 and I’ve learned that my love for me is the most beautiful thing I can give myself so much more each and everyday. loving myself helps me to love others and my life + embrace every moment that I’m in cause it’s like you can have a great life but if you don’t love yourself, your great life wouldn’t mean nothing because you don’t like what you see in the mirror. I feel like if you can’t love yourself then it’s going to be hard to get where you dream of going in life, if you keep comparing yourself to others – it’ll drain you down and you’ll start to live life for others and not for yourself.. self love is beautiful & important… and everyone loves themselves differently + you have to find your way that works for you…. great post sis ❤️. Good way to represent self love cause that’s what it’s all about. Self love & self care

    Stacey ❤️

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    1. This was beautiful written, sis! This was probably the best thing besides building a relationship with God! It feels amazing, empowering and beautiful! I love how you was able to love yourself, so you can love others as well! ❤


  2. My self love journey has been a roller coaster. I’m constantly still fighting myself. Occasionally feeling down and confused. Nothing works in my favor and I do try! I put work in and more work in and the work don’t work. My advice to anyone would be to stay close to family. My mother and father has been a great help!

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    1. I loveee this! It’s not going to be easy, but with the love and support of family and close friends, you’ll get through it! ❤


  3. My self-love journey has had its ups and many downs. I can relate to you on being shy and everything.. but I think the one quality that I began to start disliking about myself was my kindness and big heart. I’m so nice and always give people the benefit of the doubt or always just want to talk and hear them out.. but I started realizing that I always gave and gave and gave but never got the same in return which is really hurtful. I vowed to myself close to finishing college that I wouldn’t allow to be taken for granted like that within my friendships anymore and cut off a lot of “friends” that I look back on now and see we were never really friends at all.. So I’ve gotten better at protecting and taking care of me and I’m very withdrawn and careful of the company I keep or even the people I meet. However, I no longer dislike being as kind as I am. I love the heart and genuine spirit God blessed me with because you know there aren’t many people left out here who are caring and genuine about it. It is a learning process and we all have different to same experiences, but I’m grateful for realizing it then and not later on and most importantly I’m happy! Thank you for sharing this. I love getting stuff like this off my chest haha.

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    1. Awww, thank you so much for sharing! & yes, it’s definitely a process that’s worth it! & I had that same exact problem, giving people the benefit of the doubt when I know they’re not meant to be in my space! One of my 2017 goals was to protect my peace at any cost, & rid the negatives! ❤


  4. I can completely relate. I have always been the quiet kid and extremely shy. It wasn’t until I went to college that I opened up and let others get to know the real me. Now i’m not afraid to share my quirky, dry sense of humor with others because I love that part of me. Some will get, some just won’t and I’m fine with that. It takes a lot of effort and confidence to finally let people see who you are but I know that for me, each time I did, I loved myself a little more each time. Now…you can’t tell me nothing lol. Great post sis.

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