unplugging + staying focused.


(Photo is from Nichole Kobi)

Hello God’s greatest creations,

Today I wanted to talk about unplugging and shifting your focus when it comes to you drifting away from your dreams/goals. Have you ever thought about how far you can be, or how many things you would be able to get done if you just unplug from the things thats keeping you distracted? If so, I have a few tips on how you can get rid of distractions to help you focus on the things you need to be more focused on! 

  1. Getting of rid of toxic people.

Do you have toxic people in your life, who literally drains the living life out of you? If so, it’s time to get rid of those people and make room for people/things that actually brings you the most joy! If the people you have in your life don’t tell you, you’re slacking off, that just means they don’t care about you or your success! What I’ve learned these last few years is that toxic people come into your life only to bring you down, they don’t care about themselves and they don’t care about anyone else and you shouldn’t feel any type of way if you have to cut ties with these people/things! 

   2. Unplug from social media

Is social media becoming a distraction? Do you have a million and one tasks you need to complete, but you can’t complete them because you keep refreshing your newsfeed? Then it’s time to unplug from social media, for a few hours, days or maybe even months! Social media can be very interesting, & it can keep you updated on the latest news but when it’s interfering with your goals, then that’s a problem! Often times we don’t realize how much stuff we can be getting done, when we unplug from our social media accounts! If social media is distracting you today, cut your phone off and get some things done, then get back on your phone! ❤

  3. Unsupportive spouses and friends.

GET RID OF THEM, IMMEDIATELY! If they don’t believe in you, your vision or dreams, then you have no business being associated with them! I know sometimes you can really care about a person, but when they’re showing you, your success doesn’t matter to them, then they shouldn’t matter to you!! I’m all for keeping my distance/getting rid of people who don’t support me, my vision or dreams and I will not apologize or explain myself to these types of people either! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Buy a journal or planner.

You don’t know how much organized I’ve become after I brought my first real journal/planner, my journal has my weekly/monthly task that needs to be done! They have my financial, work, & health goals! I also have a section of people I need to call and email, which makes my week run smooth! Journal/planners ranges from $1-20 depending on what your needs is when it comes to a planner! I brought my planner/journal from Target for $15 and I loveeeee it! 


This is also very important when you’re unplugging. Life isn’t going to be sunshine and roses everyday, & you have to be mindful of that! When you feel like things are becoming extremely too much for you, take a moment and just BREATHE! The more you stress out about things you have absolutely no control of, the less time you have to appreciate the things you do have control over! 


8 thoughts on “unplugging + staying focused.

    1. You’re more than welcome, love!

      Yes, is very possible to distance yourself from the relationship with your spouse. First I would have the conversation with them first about how I feel about them not being supportive, & if that doesn’t work, keep things short + sweet and make your moves differently. When it comes to your goals, don’t discuss them with them but if you feel as though you’re tired of being with someone who isn’t supportive, then it might be best to either go your separate ways or take a break from one another. ❤

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  1. I’m super proud of you !!! ❤️ . Now, that I’ve said that … every tips that has been given is perfect and i agree if you have toxic people in your life , you have to let them go or keep your distance because what I’ve learned even family can be toxic in your life. So, it’s best to keep your distance and focus on yourself. Which is what I’m focus on is myself and everything else will fall into place. For anyone, that is scared to live life , don’t let fear distract you from dreaming or chasing after the dreams that God has for you plus don’t let anyone tell you can’t chase your dreams because it sounds impossible to them – no no no … everyone can succeed and everyone will become successful ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕.


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