May Blues…


(Photo is from Nicholle Kobi).

Hello God’s greatest creations,

May has been a month filled with a lot of joy and a lot of pain. The joys of being able to create something you’ve been dreaming, planning, & building for years finally coming to life is such an joyous feeling! You can’t help but to feel amazing about the wonderful things that’s transpiring in your life, so with all of this greatness happening in my life, how do one fall victim to their own self-sabotage?

Sometimes we don’t realize how certain circumstances can either help build us up, or simply tear us down! Years ago I taught myself how to become numb to certain situations, circumstances and past mistakes because mentally I wanted these things and people dead to me! But guess what? These same feelings and thoughts came back, 10x worse…

As I’ve stated in my previous blog post, depression is real and the way it makes you feel can either have a temporary affect on you or an everlasting affect on you! I guess it just depends on what you’re dealing with, & the severity of the situation! The thing with depression is, you never know when it’s going to hit you! There’s no schedule to prepare yourself before it hits, with me it didn’t last long because this time around I was determined to get the help I needed and I did just that!

I think it’s important that you know what triggers you to fall back into darkness, & it’s also important to find ways to help you get through whatever you’re dealing with! I’m just so thankful to have an amazing support system, that loves and cares about my well being! So when I do have these once in a blue moon episodes, they know how to support me and lift my spirits up!

I was listening to Myleik Teele’s podcast on how she’s been MIA and how important it is to take a break and get YOU together! Years ago I would’ve been beating myself up, telling myself you’re stronger than this, & you don’t need to be doing this and that because mama didn’t raise no B*. But I’m so thankful I’ve learned that I’m human and there are going to be days where there’s not going to be sunshine and flowers, & that’s OKAY! But you also have to understand that it’s not okay to not be okay!

Yeah there’s going to be days where you’re not going to be feeling yourself, happy, wonderful or etc! But if you’re feeling so low, helpless, hopeless, & you can barely get out of bed then I’d suggest that you go to a trusted person you can talk to, & if that doesn’t work set up an appointment with your primary doctor about the way you’re feeling.

Another thing… 

There’s going to be people that’s going to be so quick to tell you, “you’re going to be okay”, or “girl, it could much worse” etc! But sometimes they don’t understand the thoughts that goes on in your head on a day to day basis, so of course that’s not going to help you, & to be honest you might even shut down because they just don’t get it! & sometimes you can’t make people get things, they don’t understand! 🤷🏽‍♀️

That’s why it’s important to have people in your life that care about your mental health and your well being! & you also have to be open and honest about the things you’re facing as well, because some people just don’t know! & if you’re a person who walks around holding things in, but you’re waiting for someone to notice/save you, that’s not going to help you either! ❤


2 thoughts on “May Blues…

  1. Depression is real, I don’t understand why people make it seem like depression is like a attention seeker, when it is far from that. I believe everyone has gone through depression at least once in their lives or even more than once and everyone deal with it in a different way but, self care is very important and I think sometimes when there’s a lot going on in our lives – we tend to forget about ourselves, which can get our mind going around circle and I agree it doesn’t help when someone say “it’s going to be okay” and I used to hate when someone said that because it’s like I’m coming to you for comfort but, it’s like you said we can’t make someone understand what we are going through because they just don’t understand.

    Love this post….


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    1. Thank you so much, sis! & yes, people don’t understand the severity of how depression can have a huge affect on a person! Being supportive, comforting, & a listening ear is what most of us want when depression hits! ❤


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