flawed but still worthy.


Hello God’s beautiful creations,

Today I wanted to talk about flaws and how you shouldn’t feel ashamed for having them! Everyone has flaws, there’s not one person on this earth that’s perfect! NOT ONE!! I think social media has portrayed this image that if you have flaws, you should either fix it or hide them from others to portray a certain image! I think it’s vital and important to know that even though you have flaws, you’re still worthy and God still loves you! 

Thoughts of feeling unworthy

I remember not being in a really good space a few years ago, I felt unworthy, unhappy and broken because I’ve experienced so much pain throughout my life, that the thought of loving myself, was the least of my worries! I was so focused on trying to make it day by day, that I didn’t know that the healing process begins within me and no one else! It took years to build my confidence, strength and to get to a point where I love myself, without conditions! Now looking back, I know how important and vital self-love is. I also had to realize, when you don’t love yourself, it’s impossible for you to love other people! The things you put into your head can also affect the relationships you have within yourself and people, especially the people who really love and care about you!

Dealing with mental health issues…

I also remember hearing “Takeia, you have depression, axienty and PTSD”. The first thoughts in my mind was like, well okay, I knew something was wrong with me, but I didn’t know I had these types of mental health issues! But I guess it actually took for me to realize that my mental health is just important as my physical health! You go to the doctors every three months to get a physical, or whatever the case might be but you don’t second guess going to check on your mental well being!

A lot of people don’t understand that it’s not okay, to not be okay! You can go days, weeks or maybe even months feeling good, then it can take that one thing to bring you back to darkness! That’s why it’s important to know what triggers these negative/suicial thoughts! I also believe that it’s important to have a strong support system, to help you get through your depression or anything you’re dealing with in life! I know some people don’t care about sharing their mental health issues with others because they feel it’s not anyone’s business, which it isn’t, but sharing your story can also help the next person that’s feeling down about their past or current situation! ❀


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