embracing new beginnings.


Hello God’s greatest creations,
Today I wanted to talk about embracing new beginnings, life’s chaos and how amazing + faithful God is. We all have our moments when we’re waiting patiently or impatiently for a sign from God, letting us know our blessing is on the way. I was sitting at my desk today, thinking about how much I’ve been praying and just being patient for God’s blessings, I couldn’t help but to smile because it’s definitely been an amazing but overwhelming year for me. A lot of highs and a few lows that could’ve brought me back to a place I clearly didn’t want to end up, again. But God’s love and  grace is sufficient, & he never seems to disappoint me. 

Moving forward…. 

As some of you may or may not know, we put our two months rental notice in at the end of May. Let me remind you, we didn’t have a place lined up or anything, we were just like we’ll find a place because we’ve been calling and shopping for places for the past five months or so. We thought everything was going good, but unfortunately all of the places we were looking to move in, didn’t have any openings until July. This one place we were waiting on to call us when they had an opening for June 1st, didn’t even call us because someone already came and put their deposit down! Even though they “claimed” they’ll let us be the first ones they call to get the place. Mind you we just put our notice in, our apartment complex rented our apartment within 2 days, & we have to be moved out of our place by May 31st. Talk about a rough month, April has definitely been one of “those” months! 


We eventually became annoyed with the fact that all of the places we were looking at, didn’t have anything available and we really didn’t want to go stay in a hotel or by my mom house for 30 days! I mean, I wouldn’t mind but when you’ve been in your own place for yearsssss, it just wouldn’t be the same living under someone else roof until you find a place. So last week, I called this place that I’ve been looking at but when I called them last time, they didn’t have any opening until July. 


When I got in touch with the guy this time around, he was like we have a two bedroom available for June 1st. & If you want it, it’s yours! & just like that, we came there, saw the place, put the deposit down and got approved for the place within 5-10 minutes! When we heard it’s yours, I couldn’t help but to be thankful because last Sunday, Bishop Jakes was saying how “God is about to set it off in your life”. If you know how sad I was for the past 2 weeks because not only did we not find anything, our apartment got rented out within 48 hours of us putting our notice in and like I’ve stated before, we didn’t want to move in with my mom for 30 days lol.

Sprinkle of motivation for anyone, that wants to give up..

But I guess what I want to say to the people that’s on the verge of giving up, DONT! It doesn’t matter how many times you feel there’s road blockages or things standing in your way, God is going to make a way for you, regardless! The things you’ve been praying for is going to happen for you, especially when you least expect it! Keep trusting, believing and having faith in God! I was really feeling like giving up, & saying you know what, we can just move in with my mom and worry about finding a place for July 1st. But I prayed and asked God for guidance and patience! I knew he was going to come through, I just didn’t know when. 

Just knowing God had something better for us, just goes to show you that he’s faithful and capable of changing your situation within a matter of moments! Not only does this new place have everything we want, but it has everything we need and I’m so grateful that I called that man, that day! I’m so ready to move into our new place and decorate. I’ve been seeing the cutest home decor ideas on Pinterest and can’t wait to finally be able to change a few things up in our new home. I guess you can say “out with the old, in with the new”. ❤

Home decor ideas…


4 thoughts on “embracing new beginnings.

  1. Congrats! This was so encouraging because I’ve been on the verge of giving up as well; so many things going on at once. But this post has definitely lift my spirits up to keep going. Love it and thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, Queen! & yes, every time when you feel as though you’ve taking 5-10 steps forward, you get knocked back 10 steps! It’s confusing and frustrating, but God always makes a way! ❤


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