Hello God’s greatest creations,

I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to blog as much, my life is becoming busier by the day and I just don’t have any time to relax and just write! I’m in the process of finding balance between motherhood, relationships, running a business, blogging, looking for a new home and etc! Once everything begins to settle down, I’ll be able to blog 2-3 times a week, I promise! ❤

But anywho….

With everything that’s been going on in my life, let me just say God is so amazing and life is so good! I was reflecting in the tub the other day on how life is really changing for me, & how everything is happening so fast in my life, that I haven’t even gotten the chance to fully celebrate my accomplishments! I started a new job + launched my business a month ago and let me tell you how blessed I am…

 I’ve always wanted to create a community so that women can come together, connect, support and enjoy each other’s company without hate/competition! I guess you can say I’m bringing #QueenHood back to our communities and that’s something I’m very passionate about and I can’t wait to have our first event next month! I finally found a space to have the mimosa girl talk brunch, so this should exciting!

 As far as business, business is amazing! I didn’t know starting a business would be so hard but so WORTH IT, if that makes sense? If I had to say the only thing that’s hard about starting a business is not knowing everything, which no one knows everything! But just working full time and having a business can be really overwhelming at times because I like to get back to my supporters as fast as possible, but if I’m at work and have a million things to do, the emails just start piling up lbvs! But anywho… I’ve always wanted to have my own, especially doing something I’m really passionate about! I also can’t wait to include quarterly workshops for women!

Quick side note:

My boyfriend Michael is definitely my biggest supporter and he’s also my assistant, he makes sure everyone’s orders get mailed out next day, which I believe is the right thing to do! Lately I’ve been noticing that some companies will wait until they have huge orders to ship peoples items out, & I don’t think it’s fair to the people that’s supporting you and your brand! I love speedy and fast service, especially if someone is supporting you, I just think it’s right to get their items to them right away! But hey…. that’s just my opinion but anywho…

All of the logo shirts and hats are completely sold out, to God the glory! I do have new inventory coming in within the next week or two, which I’m super excited about! Stay tuned for the new Unashamed Queens tees and hats, & they’re also the perfect colors for spring! 

Shirts are $15-20 (Small-3X) 

Hats are one size fits all $15


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