Hello God’s greatest creations,

It’s 30 days into the new year and I’m feeling amazing!!! God is doing some amazing things in my life right now, I can’t even describe how I feel right now! As you all may or may not know, I said in a previous blog post that I had a few different interviews within the past few weeks and one of them stood out the most to me! I went in for my first interview and immediately fell in love with the company, staff and position! Everything about the company I interviewed for felt God sent, it felt like this is where I need to be and that the position was definitely mines hands down! 

Tuesday (1/17) I got another email stating that they wanted me to interview with the direct supervisor and executive director of the company and I couldn’t help but to thank God for allowing me to have another interview with this amazing company! I remember praying to God and asking him for a job in my field of studies, a career job that I’ll love with amazing pay and full benefits! I also asked God to show me signs that if its for me, it’s going to be mines and if it isn’t than no love lost! I went in this past Thursday (1/19) for my second interview and they fell in love with me, my spirit and my drive to not only encourage but to also help and support other women! ! The direct supervisor told me she will let me know within the next few days if I was considered for the position, the next day (1/20) I got a call from her stating that they would love to have me apart of their team and would I accept their job offer and guess what I said? Yes!!!


I’ve been so patient, waiting on God to position me into the perfect job in my field of studies and I feel so blessed + thankful that I never gave up on my job search! I remember after I finished fall semester praying, preparing and asking God for a job in my profession because I was so tired of working at jobs I liked, but didn’t love! I’ve been doing banking for the past three years, while pursuing my education in human services and social work! & now I’ve been offered a position working as a women’s support specialist! God has been opening so many doors for me this year and I can’t even explain how thankful I am for staying patient, trusting and allowing God to handle everything in my life!

Last Monday I put in my two week notice at my job, talk about a bittersweet moment! I had so many mixed emotions walking into work that day because it’s official that I’ll be embarking on a new journey, doing something I’m passionate about! I wrote my two week notice maybe thirty times before I came up with the perfect notice to give to my manager, just thankful she was super excited for me and knows how hard I work and only wants the best for me and my future! Which made me feel 10x better because I really like working here and to pretty much leave is mind blowing, but I have to do what’s bet for me and not others! 

But in other news…

My business is finally official, I mean it’s always been official but it’s legal and certified through the state! I felt it was very important for me to not only protect my brand but to also secure my business by doing everything the legal way! I’m so excited to launch my website in a couple of weeks, I also had a launch dinner Saturday (1/28) with some amazing girl bosses I’ve met in my women’s group! I had such an amazing time meeting, connecting and just talking to some amazing women! For it to be our first time meeting one another, it felt like we’ve already known each other which is always a plus! 


But anywhoooo…

For the website there will be tee shirts, hats and an upcoming event posted on the official UnashamedQueens website! Everything will range from $15-20,  the official launch date is Feb 10th, 2017 at NOON! ❤️

 I’m still in the process of finding space to have my women’s event, putting the final finishes on my website, just started my online classes two weeks ago and also in the process of transitioning to a new job! I feel like I have so many things going on right now, it feels like I’m a chicken with my head cut off but I can’t express how happy I am and wouldn’t trade any of this for nothing in the world! I’m one of those people who have to keep busy, I can’t sit still for nothing unless I’m sleep! 

Last Sunday….

I was sitting at Starbucks, drinking my frappuccino just thinking about how far I’ve came and how far God is taking me and I can’t help but to thank God for where I am headed! I’m not the same woman I was a few years ago, matter of fact I’m not the same woman I was a year or even a few months ago! I remember going through my season of exposure a few months ago and feeling like things wasn’t going to look up for me and God proved me wrong once again! I feel as though that season taught me so much about patience, strength, timing and most importantly being obedient! 


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