January 17th, 2017.


Hello God’s greatest creations,

Today I was sitting in my bed, looking through my old notes and pictures on my laptop and couldn’t help but to reflect on how much I’ve grown mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically! I also couldn’t help but to thank God for giving me the strength to continue to move forward despite the many unfortunate obstacles I face each and everyday! Ive been through so much in life and just knowing by the grace of God I was able to continue to push forward and continue to chase my dreams!!

A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself being in the space that I’m in right now and the amazing thing about this is, it took me yearssssss to feel this secure within myself and I’m loving it!! I have a God that loves me unconditionally, I have an amazing family + friends that loves, prays, supports and uplifts me! If I’m ever having a bad day, I know I can go to these people because I know they have my best interest and genuinely care about my well being! 


We all face life’s difficulties but being able to continue to push forward and still achieve the things you’ve set out to do is so rewarding! I remember breaking down one day because I was so mad and angry for allowing myself to let my past dictate my future and where God wanted me to be! I know God doesn’t want any of his children to be sad, depressed or on the verge of giving up because of simply not being able to LET GO! I’ve noticed that my greatest strengths have been from life’s difficulties, that’s where my motivation comes in at! That’s where I feel like I have to not only work harder on my dreams but on myself as well!! I feel like you owe it to yourself to get to a place where you experience an abundance amount of peace and joy! Everyday isn’t going to be a walk in a park, there’s going to be trials and tribulations we endure but staying positive and having faith can bring you a long way! 

When you get to a point in your life where you feel like you want to give up because you have absolutely nobody, go to God! Ask God to give you strength, understanding, clarity and patience! It’s important that you know that seasons are temporary, it doesn’t matter how much you feel discourage continue to push forward and use all of that energy to make your dreams come true! Material things is temporary, peace and happiness is everlasting and you deserve to experience that type of joy! 


Throughout the years, I have learned that it’s okay to not rush things! You have to trust the process and have faith! I can’t express how important and vital it is that you have faith in everything you do, not only does it make you feel good but that level of confidence is a major key! Also… Don’t overwork yourself, pick a few things to work on and focus just on those few things! No one wants to experience having a burn out and eventually getting to the point where everything is too much and you completely give up! Give yourself a breather, be gentle with yourself and most importanly be patient! Things will eventually come together for the better! 


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