there’s about to be a shift in your life this week.


Hello God’s beautiful creations,

Are you having a hard time loving yourself? Finding your worth? Finding some balance in your relationships and personal life? Are you struggling finding your purpose in life? Trying to find a new job? Going through a season of heartbreak and don’t know when your breakthrough is coming? 

Let me tell you something, there’s about to be a shift in your life this week! Everything you’re trying to figure out, has already been taking care of!! This week you’re going to experience the biggest breakthrough in your life and it’s time that you show up and claim what’s YOURS!! There’s nothing anyone can do or say when it comes to something that’s for YOU! The only person that can hinder your blessing is YOU! 

Often times we stress ourselves out when we don’t know what God is doing in our lives! We do this because we don’t have any patience, our faith might be lukewarm and also when we want something, we want it right then and there! We try to fix things on our own and end up making our mess, worser than what it already is! This is why it’s important to trust in your struggle and allow God to intervene because he can move mountains in your life! This is your time to relax, pay attention and keep ears open! 

Instead of complaining about the things God isn’t doing in your life, give him the glory for the things he’s already done in your life! Why would God give you something bigger, when you can’t even appreciate the small things in life? If you can’t appreciate the things God has already giving you, what makes you think you’re ready for the bigger things he has in store for you? This is why it’s so important and vital to fully trust and rely completely on him! You have to be able to have faith and also believe that you’re worthy of experiencing a life that’s filled with peace, love, joy and blessings! You have to have faith, confidence and TRUST!!! If you don’t trust anything, of course you’re not going to experience the things you really want because everything is lukewarm to you! 

These are somethings you have to be mindful of….

  1. Are you feeding yourself positivity + preparing yourself for everlasting blessings? 
  2. Are you feeding yourself negativity + complaining about the things you have already? 
  3. Are you ready for the things you’ve been praying for?
  4. What are you doing to prepare yourself for season of consecutive wins?
  5. Are you going to block your blessings by thinking you’re not worthy of receiving God’s promise? 

Ask yourself these five things and write them down!! Don’t forget that you’re the only one that can put limits on your life, not anyone else! ❤️


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