It’s time to show up and claim what’s yours! 

Today I’m just sitting at my work station thinking about how amazing and precious life is and how you should never take life for granted regardless of the things you’re going through or the things you’ve been through etc! I was recently reading some old notes in my journal and couldn’t help but to thank God for restoration and a renewed spirit! I also couldn’t help but to reflect on the things I thought was holding me back in life and using that phrase “well timing just isn’t on my side”, which was complete bs because tomorrow is never promised and if you want to start on something, you might as well start today! 

A few weeks ago, God gave me this amazing vision and told me that it was MINE and that my time was NOW, not tomorrow! I felt super shocked but really happy because I felt like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! I’ve been praying for guidance for the longest and he finally told me what I needed to be doing! Ever since I’ve gotten that vision, I’ve been working on it every single day none stop!!


“Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your requests known to God.”

That scripture right there just goes to show you that you don’t need to worry or feel anxious about anything in your life, because God has everything already figured out for you! Just continue to rely fully on him and he will come through for you in an abundance amount of blessings!  Victory is yours and the devil has already been defeated, so why not claim what’s yours?

It’s so mind blowing how when God says something is for you, it’s really for you and the only person that can block your blessing is you! God just wants you to show up and claim it as yours!! That’s exactly what I’m doing, claiming this blessings and birthing it this up and coming new year! I know that this is my calling + purpose in life because God told me so and I also feel it deep down in my soul! You know that feeling where it’s just unexplainable, but it’s definitely there and it’s an amazing + peaceful feeling! 

Just knowing this sends chills down my spine because I know that I come from a place of compassion, love and joy and being able to create a community for women to come together and uplift, encourage and motivate each other  makes me love what I do even more! Thinking about it truly makes me happy and it goes to show you that God’s timing is the best timing and that he does have a purpose for your life! You just have to be obedient and fully trust in him! 


Author: Takeia.

Hello beautiful souls, I'm Takeia Cage, and I'm the CEO/Founder of Unashamed Queens! I'm an advocate, momtrepreneur, life coach, and motivational blogger. I have always been dedicated to helping women re-discover their light, while walking in their truth, unashamed! It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties, when I discovered my calling to be an advocate for the women in my community. I have always wanted to be apart of a sisterhood that supported, uplifted, and celebrated women without us feeling judged or even ashamed of our journey. There wasn’t many women empowerment groups in my community that actually focused on celebrating queens, so I decided to create my own community for unashamed women. Now I am the founder of Unashamed Queens, a women’s empowerment group that focuses on supporting, uplifitng, and celebrating queenhood. I would always tell myself years ago that you can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself, and today I believe that statement is so untrue. It wasn’t until I was re-discovering my own light, that I wanted to also encourage/help other women to re-discover theirs as well. I truly believe that we’re all stronger together, and that creating a safe-space for women to feel support and loved through sisterhood.

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