Adjust that crown, Queen! 




  1. Put your crown back on and don’t ever take it off! Again!
  2. You’re worthy of a God like love, a love that’s so genuine, powerful and one of a kind!
  3. You weren’t born to settle for mediocre.
  4. You’re God’s greatest creation and don’t ever for a second think no one loves you, because God loves you!! Unconditionally!
  5. You don’t ever have to sell yourself short or compromise your worth to feel accepted in someone else’s “perception” of what they want their woman to look like.
  6. You don’t ever have to beg anyone to love you, because if someone truly loves you, they’re going to accept you for who you are.
  7. You won’t have to remind someone of your worth, because they know you’re worth more than gold!
  8. Don’t ever think disrespect is love, because it’s not! ❤️

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