Hello God’s beautiful creations,

Today is December 18th, 2016 and I’m so very thankful to be giving a second chance to get my life together and right with God!! Today I attended online service with the potters house and I must say I love everything about going to an online church!!! The message today was so powerful, I couldn’t help but to share! Today’s message was about choice and how the bill is already paid for us to be what God created us to be and all you have to do is receive + claim your blessings as yours!!!

I couldn’t help but to think about all of the opportunities I have missed in life because of FEAR and feeling like something was too good for me! Looking back on how ashamed I used to be to receive something God knew I needed, but I didn’t feel as though I was worthy of the blessings he wanted me to have! I would literally fight myself and pretty much talk myself out of my blessings when fear decided to creep inside of me! Now I know it was the devil manipulating me into thinking I wasn’t good enough, knowing I knew he was defeated but like a fool I fell into his traps and allowed him to win!! 

I’m just so very thankful I’m not in that type of mindset anymore and I’ve completely eliminated FEAR from my vocabulary! I guess I just refuse to settle for anything lesser than God’s will and greatness!! 

Buttttt anywho…. 

Y’all remember that storm I was in back in September? Well, I’m officially out of it and guess what I discovered? My purpose in life!!! God has called + showed me that my calling is to help other women like myself become everything we want to be and more without feeling ashamed in our journeys!! I have created a website for my women’s group, that’ll be launching Jan 31st and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me and the UnashamedQueens. There will be shirts, quarterly workshops and a section for creative writing for the women that loves to write!! When it gets closer to that time, I will display the direct link to the website! ❤️

A few things I’ve learned this year:

Matthew 15:18

” but those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart”. 

I learned that I have to be very mindful and careful with my tongue and only speaking from a clear and uncluttered place! People don’t understand how powerful our tongues are and how they can control and affect our lives if we’re only speaking negatively about ourselves and others! If God says something is for you, you have to believe it’s for you and only YOU!! There’s nothing no one can do or stop what God has for you, but YOU!! Period! One thing I told myself this year was I’m not going to limit myself to anything, if I feel like it’s mines, you best to believe I’m going to get it without a doubt in my mind!!  

Just like today’s service said everything in life is a choice, EVERYTHING!! I can choose to be sad, depressed, miserable or I can change my perspective and be happy, joyful, positive and great!!! That right there just speaks so many different volumes because knowing you have control of the way you look at things is important and shouldn’t be taking lightly!! The decision is really yours and you determine how you’re feeling and what you allow to get into your mind!

I’m also very grateful that I finished this semester off strong and focused!! I’ve been really working my butt off this semester and staying on top of all my school work, so I know I passed every last class!!! I just want to thank God for his unconditional love, favor, grace and strength this semester! But that’s all I have to say right now, have an amazing Sunday! ❤️


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