Sunday’s are meant for reflecting! 

Hello everyone, 

I hope you all are having an amazing weekend, getting prepared for the new week and year! I’m praying for another productive, positive and prosperous week and year as well! As I’m sitting on my couch, I can’t help but to give God the glory for giving me another chance at life and just allowing me to become a better woman each and everyday! This past week has been nothing short of amazing and I’m so thankful that this is the last week of the semester for me!

Things are definitely starting to fall back in place for me, I attended church this morning and the message was definitely meant for me! Pastor Chris Hill was preaching and he said something that really stuck out to me and I would love to share it with you all. “It’s my time, it’s my season and it’s my turn”. I thought that message was very powerful and inspiring! As I’ve been posting in a few of my previous blogs, I’m currently in a season of “exposure” and I’m slowly getting through it by the grace of God and realizing exactly why I was put in this season and I’m beyond excited to share my testimony with you all once I come out! 

 I just want to tell you guys how amazing + faithful God is when it comes to showing you your purpose in life! I was sitting on my couch a few days ago, trying to come up with new ideas and getting frustrated because I couldn’t think of anything and BOOM… God gave me this amazing vision and I’ve been on cloud nine ever since! I just know that this season is coming to an end and I’m about to experience an abundance amount of blessings! I’ve been feeling so good about this vision and actually being able to put this vision to work is even more amazing! I’ve also been working on a few other things, creating a new website for my women’s group and I’m also in the process of getting ready to celebrate my one year women’s group + blog anniversary this Feb.

In January I launched my blog + women’s group, at first I was very skeptical because I was like who would want to be apart of a group of that focuses on self love, self actualization and overall uplifting other women in their walks of life? 8/10 a lot of people are more focused on the negatives instead of the positive side of things! It’s just very unfortunate that society is more focused on tearing women down and making women be in competition with one another instead of uplifting them! I’m just very fortunate that I was able to create a space where women feel like they can come and feel welcomed without being judged! I just know I was called to be this woman who uplifts other women!

But anywho….. 

I’m grateful that I’ll be ending 2016 on a very positive note, I’ve accomplished so many things I’ve set out to do this year! I’ve also been working really hard on a lot of things I’m going to in 2017 and can’t wait to finally be able launch my website so you all can see what I’ve been working really hard on! Stay tuned! ❤️


Author: Takeia.

Hello beautiful souls, I'm Takeia Cage, and I'm the CEO/Founder of Unashamed Queens! I'm an advocate, momtrepreneur, life coach, and motivational blogger. I have always been dedicated to helping women re-discover their light, while walking in their truth, unashamed! It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties, when I discovered my calling to be an advocate for the women in my community. I have always wanted to be apart of a sisterhood that supported, uplifted, and celebrated women without us feeling judged or even ashamed of our journey. There wasn’t many women empowerment groups in my community that actually focused on celebrating queens, so I decided to create my own community for unashamed women. Now I am the founder of Unashamed Queens, a women’s empowerment group that focuses on supporting, uplifitng, and celebrating queenhood. I would always tell myself years ago that you can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself, and today I believe that statement is so untrue. It wasn’t until I was re-discovering my own light, that I wanted to also encourage/help other women to re-discover theirs as well. I truly believe that we’re all stronger together, and that creating a safe-space for women to feel support and loved through sisterhood.

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