Why it’s important to worry about what’s on your plate and not others.

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Today I just wanted to touch base on why it’s important to focus on your own plate and why you shouldn’t be worried about what other people have going on theirs! It’s very unfortunate that we live in a society where people feel + think we have to be living a certain way, in order to make it seem like we have everything or everything figured out! This is just another form of needing validation from others and feeling superior amongst other people when in reality we all have flaws and sometimes our shit stink just like others!

It’s so easy comparing your journey, to someone else’s and thinking we’re either doing better or worse than them! The only good thing about this is, you have full control of unlearning this negative behavior and you can use that energy on fully embracing where you’re at in life and figuring out what it is you need to be doing to get your life back on track and not focusing on how you’re doing, compared to someone else! I think another thing with this situation is that people aren’t able/willing to acknowledge + admit that they’re more focused on speed, instead of direction! We get so caught up thinking this person is going to beat us in something, lose focus of our lane and BOOM…. you just ended up crashing! Now you’re even more madder because the other person won, because you were so busy worrying about them, while they were focused on their own lane!

Quick message to you all:

9/10 the people you think are your competition, doesn’t even consider you their competition! @MyleikTeele

Comparison starts with the lack of security, confidence and self love within yourself! When you compare your journey to someone else’s, not only is it a reminder that they’re either doing better or worser than you, it just goes to show you that you’re not truly happy within yourself, so you compare yourself to the next person, wanting to feel good about yourself or needing some type of validation etc! It’s okay to be inspired by someone’s success, but when you’re in the whole mindset of “I’ll show them who’s better”, it just goes to show you that you’re dealing with something bigger than this persons success, it’s more like self hatred and in order for me to feel better about myself, I have to make this person feel like how I feel and that’s just ridiculous! There’s room for all of us to eat + grow and learn without making everything a competition!

A few things you can do to avoid self comparison: 

Is to get intune with yourself and figure out what are you going to do to contribute to your own success, what are you going to do when these negative thoughts cloud your mind, what are you going to do when you feel as though your dreams are taking forever and you’re on the verge of giving up? Ask yourself these few questions, matter of fact write these questions down! When you truly fall in love with God, yourself and his provision for your life, everything is going to start falling into place for you! There’s not going to be one person on this earth, that’ll stop you from receiving anything that’s meant only for you, period! When you’re confident in your own journey, someone else’s success won’t have the power to dim yours!

The only thing that’s going to stop you from prospering in life is YOU, no one else! You’re in full control of your life, thoughts, feelings and tongue! Be mindful of the things you say or do out of hate/jealousy! Life is all about growing, learning and unlearning things! Don’t allow your circumstance make you hate the next person for doing what they need to do in life, use that same energy to do what you need to do! This social media “reality” doesn’t do anything but make people seek validation from people who don’t either know them, or from people who swear they know you and your life by the things they’ve gathered here and there from your social media!

When you learn how to outgrow certain behaviors, you’ll start to see everything in your life flourish! Continue to work hard, support, uplift and motivate yourself and others that are around you! Success isn’t about speed, it’s about direction! Don’t allow anyone to ever make you feel as though you have to compete with them because you’re not where they’re at in life, everyone’s journey is different! Success doesn’t happen over night, it’s a process and it’s takes hard work + dedication! ❤️


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