About me.

Hello beautiful people,

It’s late and I feel like giving all of the glory to God! Today is thanksgiving and I’m just so thankful for God, life, family, love and friends! As I’m reflecting on this months journey, I could honestly say that I’m in such an amazing space right now! I know I’m still in my season, but God never seems to fail me and for that I’m beyond blessed! This season was meant for me to dig deep, discover and also mold me into the woman God called me to be! I also wanted to tell you all whose going through a difficult season, don’t give up and don’t allow the things you’re going through bring you so low that you’re willing to settle for anything! Keep praying, prospering, seeking and moving forward! This season wasn’t meant for you to break, it was meant for you to be able to see that life is so much bigger than the temporary things we once had!  Also remember that your season is going to look different than other and that  everyone’s journey and season is different and that’s okay!

I’ve noticed that in order to be resilience, you have to be willing to be fearless and step outside of your comfort zone! It may not be easy for most, because when you’re used to being content with the same ole same ole, change isn’t going to even be in your vocabulary! But this season has showed me that change is vital and important! Change can be good and it can also bring so many amazing things into your life that you was once so blind to see! I just think once you get to the point where you stop being so caught up with thinking change is negative, you’ll be able to embrace change and it’s manu beautiful benefits!

I’ve been in the process of finishing up this semester and I’m doing so well in school! I’ve been working really hard getting all of these papers, assignments and labs done! I’m also strongly considering taking a year off from school! As you all may or may not know, I just recently graduated with my AS and I’ve gone back to school to start on my BSW! I just feel like I’m in need of a break, a mental break from school! It just feels like I’ve been in school for years and I’m just ready to be able to start my career! I’ve been searching + applying for jobs and I’m just so excited to see what God has in store for me on this new journey! I will definitely keep you guys posted on the job search! ❤️


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