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Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been swamped with homework and all of life’s chaos! But anywho, I’ve been on cloud nine all this week, the abundance of peace and joy I’ve been experiencing is unexplainable! God has been exposing and showing me so many things this season and I can’t wait to share all of the amazing things God’s been doing in my life!

I’ve experienced the biggest setback of my life these last few months, but a good setback if that makes sense! I could’ve easily allowed this season to bring me down, but instead I decided to embrace it! I feel like this season not only gave me the strength I needed to push forward but it also helped me find my purpose! When I tell you God really had to sit me down and humble me…. I mean he really humbled me, real quick! It just amazes me that we be so quick to think God isn’t capable of checking us whenever we begin to think we’re hot shi* and like we can’t be checked! You better think twice and fast! 

At that very moment in my life, I had to reevaluate my entire being! I’m always reflecting and digging deep within myself, but this season I had to really get to the root of so many things and most of these things were making me blind to a lot of stuff that were right in front of me! It’s so easy getting caught up in temporary things and not fully focusing on God and his purpose for you and your life! I’m just thankful that God allowed me to go through this season to really humble me and redirect my focus! When you’re down to literally nothing, everything you have whether it’s big or small is a blessing.

Quick question:

We ask God to take us higher and to use us, but when things end up getting delayed or taking away from us we get to complaining and questioning God. At that moment, I was thinking the absolute worse and it really had me thinking like “How much do you really love God” and “Are you willing to put your full trust into God and not to allow this season to draw you away from him, or will you allow this season to bring you closer”? These are things I literally had to ask myself and now I know, that God knew I wasn’t ready for the things I was praying for. 

I previously stated something in one of my previous blogs about “How are you going to pray for something, you’re not willing to put the work into”?  & Most importantly, how are you going to get mad at God for not coming through for you, with something you’re not going to really want/need in the end? These are things you have to ask yourself and figure out why do you want these things and are you willing to patiently wait for God’s promise or are you going to boast and complain about not receiving God’s blessings? I just personally think that if something is meant to happen in your life, it’s going to happen! You don’t have to sit and worry because God is going to make it happen, period!

I know when I was in the beginning of my storm, I found myself questioning my faith because I wasn’t understanding why God wasn’t coming through for me! Especially on things I felt wasn’t big, but just small things in life like a job with amazing pay + benefits, new friends etc! But what I’ve realized is that God wants you to dream bigger and for things that’ll bring you everlasting peace and joy! Not things that are temporary, but things that are going to stick with you forever!

But anywho…

I’m not completely out of my storm, but I can feel my breakthrough approaching because I’ve been experiencing an abundance amount of joy and peace! I just wanted to let you all know that just because you’re going through something right now, doesn’t mean it’s over and you should give up! Use this season to get to know yourself and figure out exactly what your purpose/calling is! This season is either going to make you or break you and you have to decide the road you want to take! 


Takeia Cage 💋


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