It’s time to do the work. 

About me.

It’s so easy saying how much we want to prosper, succeed and flourish in life! But if you’re not willing to actually do the work to live a life that’s rich in success, happiness, peace and joy, what exactly are you doing? What’s stopping you from prospering? Are you allowing your setbacks to dictate your future? What do you need to do, in order to get you to where you need to be in life? Are you willing to work for the life you want? Or are you going to sit and complain about your situation? 

I personally know it can be hard trying to trust in God and figure out why it’s taking him so long to bless you with something in life! But what I’ve noticed over the last year is that I can’t pray about something, I’m not willing to work for! Its even more easier complaining about missed opportunities + blessings! I now see them as blessings in disguise! I remember when I used to be so ready to take on any opportunity, I didn’t even care if I would like it or not! I was just eager to do it, but now I’m learning that every opportunity that’s presented to you isn’t God sent and it’s okay to pass on the opportunity because you know God wants you with something that’s better! 

I mean why do something you’re not passionate about, knowing you’re going to be praying to God again about giving you something new? Why go into something, knowing you’re going to be stressed out the whole time? At one point in my life, I swear I was where God wanted me to be and not only was I lying to myself, I was settling for something I knew wasn’t going to benefit me in the long run! My journey definitely wasn’t a walk in the park and there were definitely times where I felt like I wanted to just give up and say F it but I didn’t! I decided to stick it out and patiently wait for something I knew was going to make me happy and content until I found something in my career path! 

Don’t stress yourself out worrying, doubting and confusing yourself with where you need to be and where should be! God’s plan for your life is bigger than anything you have planned for yourself! Things will definitely work out in your favor, you just have to be willing to trust in God and while you’re patiently waiting continue to strive for greatness!

This weeks affirmation, tell yourself these exact things:


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