Are you ready for a season full of consecutive wins and blessings?

About me.

Are you willing to wait on God, while he’s preparing you for a season filled with consecutive wins and blessing? Or are you getting impatient because the process is taking too long and you’re ready to take matters into your own hands? 

I know sometimes we can get so distracted on focusing on other people getting their blessings and wondering when is it going to be my time to receive mines? But I’m here to tell you that inorder for you to receive your own blessings, you have to focus on your own plate! You don’t get blessed in life worrying about someone else’s blessings and how they got what they got, because you never know what they had to do or what they’ve gone through to get their breakthrough! 

 As we’re starting off the new month, have you wrote down your November goals and all of the things you need to get accomplished for the remainder of the year? If not, please get to it! We only have 2 more months left until the new year and who wants to start their new year tackling on things they should’ve done back in 2016? NO ONE! It’s so easy for us to prolong things and what until the last minute to get them done and POOF, here comes another problem we have to face, that’s prolonging it another day, week or months etc! 

I’m sure we all don’t want to be in the same exact spot we’re in now, a year from today because of our unwillingness to be productive! The motto is to grow and prosper in everything you do and touch! But sometimes we’re so comfortable in not wanting to do the work and we call onto God to just give us things we’re not willing to work for and that’s just not how things work, unfortunately! Bishop T.D Jakes said “If you don’t want anything, you won’t get anything! If you don’t need anything, you won’t receive anything”.  So my question to you is, are you willing to put in the work or are you going to sit around and watch everyone else receive their blessings, getting mad and hating yourself for not being in their shoes? I mean the decision is definitely yours….

As I’ve been growing in my own walk, I’ve noticed that inorder for me to get to the promise, I have to be fully willing to trust in God, do the work, trust the process and embrace change! You don’t get by in life by being stuck, you have to be willing to step out on faith and trust your struggles/journey! We can want all day long, but if you’re not willing to have faith and get out of your comfort zone you’re going to continue to be stuck and it’s really not going to be anyone’s fault but yours! I know I struggle a lot when it comes to making that first move, but once you figure out what’s the best move after talking to God, everything just naturally flows afterwards! 

Another quick question:

Are you willing to exchange out your fears for faith? If your answer is yes, you’re heading in the right direction!  There’s an unexplainable feeling of peace you begin to feel once you begin to exchange out all of your worrying, doubts and fear from your life and you begin to put your 100% trust into God and his timing! Keep in mind that this is your season of joy, peace, love, miracles, opportunities and blessings!  You have to be able to make room in your life, if you want to receive all of these things! Also be mindful of the things that you allow to hold you back, sometimes things happen and we have absolutely no control over but the things we do have control over, don’t allow it to stop you prospering! ❤️


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