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Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to reflect on this past months adventures and tell you guys how amazing God has been to me! This month I listened to a podcast about how God is exposing you this season and I must say this month God has been exposing me to so many things, it’s completely mind blowing! I am so full of what God has been showing me, that I can’t wait to be able to tell you guys these new adventures God has placed in my life! I know without a doubt, this is the beginning of something so amazing! God is doing way more than I could ever even plan or dream! I’m in complete awe of how faithful he has been to me, most importantly I’m grateful! 

God will take your good, bad, ugly and painful experiences by molding you into the person you know you’re destined to be and I feel it. I decided to cast all of my burdens, confusion and hurt into him and he gave me strength and understanding that no matter what I’ve went through, the things I’m going to receive is greater than my past problems! I noticed that you have to be willing to forgive and let go of the things that’s hurting you! This doesn’t mean you have to forget, but being able to forgive and move forward is the biggest reward! 

Sunday affirmation:

Whenever you feel weak, allow God to come in and give you strength to carry on! Sometimes it can be painful opening up, but it feels so much better letting it all out! When you feel confused about certain things that’s happening in your life, ask God to give you clarity and understanding! The things you’re going through at this moment, doesn’t define the places God is taking you! 


5 thoughts on “Sundaze.

  1. yes ! i love this! i would also like to know which podcast you were listening to! I love what you said at the end. what we are going through does not define where we are headed ❤ So amazing

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