appreciating the end of your season and embracing what it has taught you! 


Hello beautiful people,

Today is the 16th day of October and I’m beyond excited to see what this new week/ remainder of this month has in store for me!! Today I wanted to acknowledge and express my gratitude for my past and show favor to God! Life hasn’t always been peaches and cream, I’ve had my run ins with the devil and allowing him to take me out of character, multiple times! But as I’ve been growing, learning and fully maturing I’ve come to realize that external forces, will NOT solve your internal issues! 

It’s so easy to put all of the things you’ve been through in the back of your mind and not fully acknowledging the things that caused you so much pain and learning how to grow from that pain and using it as strength to become a better individual! Before I decided to reconnect with God, I was always afraid of letting go of the past, because my soul was so accustomed to pain that I made myself believe that there wasn’t going to be light at the end of the tunnel!

 Thinking back to how I would respond to certain things and allowing myself to feel a certain way wasn’t healthy, but I was so used to dysfunction that it was like second nature to me! When doors would close in my life, I would get upset and start complaining to God! Which didn’t help me in no way, shape or form! Complaining about closed doors isn’t going to help you, PERIOD!! I’ve learned this the hard way, if something isn’t for me, it just isn’t for ME and I’ve got to accept it and keep it moving! Sometimes in order to grow, you have to be able to accept things for what they are and continue to move forward! Maybe God wants you to dream bigger and expand your vision to better things! 

God has been showing me so many signs this season and I can’t express how much I needed that exposure! Things I’ve never imaged happening, happened! At first I was furious because I couldn’t imagine something being taken away from me, but now I’m okay with that! As I’m walking in my walk with God, I know he wouldn’t take anything from me and fail to not come through with something BIGGER and BETTER! I feel like now my approach on letting things go, I have absolutely no control over is getting so much better! I just pray and ask God for strength, patience, understanding and guidance! I’m still a work on myself, I’m still unlearning + learning things, I’m still making mistakes but at the end of the day, I’m still human and it’s okay to be a work in progress! I feel like if you ain’t making mistakes + learning from them, you’re not growing and that’s a problem you have to deal with! 

Quick Sunday affirmation:

If you’re feeling hopeless and you’re wondering if God is listening to your prayers, he is and he’s working on them! You might not see what he has in store for you right away, but when your blessings do come, embrace them with open arms! Don’t get so caught up thinking he isn’t going to come through for you, then you start to complain and miss out on your blessings! If you’re worrying, ask God for patience and strength! ❤️


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