a note to self.


Hello Queen,

I just wanted to remind you that you’re doing the damn thing! You’ve grown so much and you’re only getting closer to the woman you’ll eventually become! You don’t need to rush the process, you don’t have to have everything all figured out because what God has planned for your future, is greater and BIGGER than the things you have planned out for yourself! Keep being patient, while doing the work! Keep prospering while God is leading you to your purpose! 

Keep moving forward, when your mind get so caught up reminiscing about past failures! Keep putting forth good and empowering other women to be all that they can be and more! Keep your eyes open this season because God is exposing you to new and better things! Keep your faith so strong, that when the devil tries to intervene he immediately see that spark in your eye to back the hell off! Keep being the queen that you’re, while keeping your head held all the way up! Keep allowing positive thoughts to cloud your mind when you’re feeling down, because God loves you, unconditionally! Today if you’re feeling any axienty, release it and give it to God so he can handle it! Continue to dream bigger, work harder and tackle on those projects on your vision board! Always remember, you’re further than where you was yesterday and a year ago! ❤️


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