self sabotaging.


Hello everyone,

Today I decided to blog about self sabotaging and the affects it has on our personal growth! For the past few weeks I have been in deep thought about my life, future and everything that’s around me and I can’t help but to think about God’s plan for my life! I decided to dig a little deep + challenge myself and I’ve realized that I was sabotaging myself by procrastinating when it came to doing the work! I was listening to Bishop T.D Jakes the other day and he was talking about being grounded and how vital it is to be grounded! I couldn’t help but to think about the things I procrastinate the most on, I kind of got mad at myself because I know better and this is definitely something I told myself I need to work on!

I told myself yesterday that I will not ask God for something, I’m not willing to work for and I should NEVER complain about something I’m not willing to keep! Often times we see ourselves pointing the finger at someone else, instead of looking at ourselves and acknowledging that this life is 100% ours and that the things we choose to do with our 24 hours has nothing to do with someone else! I have the hardest time prioritizing my time and doing things I know I have to get done! Last week I decided to buy a calendar/journal and I’m so in love with it already! I have already mapped out my month of october goals and the things I need to get done! I also established deadlines, so there’s literally NO excuse to why these things aren’t being done! 

I guess the point for this blog post is to tell other people like myself that YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! You can’t just pray for something and expect God to just hand it to you without doing the work first! Nothing in  life is handed to you, you have to be willing to work hard and constantly stay grounded while you’re working for the things you need/want in life! If God feels like you deserve it, then he will bless you with it! Until then, be patient and continue to work hard! God is faithful and he will not put you through anything he feels you cannot handle! 💜


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