Sunday’s are meant to reflect.


Hello Sunday,

As you all know, Sunday is obviously my favorite day of the week! The fact that I get to sleep in, make breakfast for my loves, enjoy church online and watch the early release of power is amazing! For me Sunday sets the tone for my week, I get to mentally prepare myself for another prosperous week of work and school! I also use this day to reflect on how my week went and what can I do to better the next week! So, I set a few personal goals for this week and by the grace of God this week will be productive! I have another exam this Friday that I need to start studying for, yes I suck at studying! I would say I’m more of a crammer than I am anything, unfortunately!

 It’s also the beginning of the month this week and I’m already excited to start on my October goals and get these fall family activities out of the way! I’m so ready to get my babies their halloween costumes and visit the pumpkin patch! Fall is definitely my favorite season, as I was driving to Target this morning I noticed that the leaves are falling and they’re becoming orange, red and brown! I wish I could’ve snapped a picture of how beautiful it looked outside today, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow or so! I just can’t believe how fast this month done flew by, seems like the beginning of the month was yesterday! 

But anywho, I’m really excited to see what God has planned for me the rest of this year! I have set a few more end of the year goals that I need accomplished before December 31st, I feel like setting goals and deadlines makes things seem even more real and it gives you that boost of energy to tackle on every single thing you have set out to do! But anyways, I’m exhausted and my bed is definitely calling my name! Have a great night! 💜


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