first week of school chronicles.


Day 1: As always, I’ve allowed procrastination to take the wheel of me getting my books before the first week of school chaos in the book store! But today (8/22) I decided to wake up early and head to campus to get my books! Luckily I was able to walk straight in there, grab my books and leave! Sadly, the book I needed the most wasn’t available! I was kind of bummbed about that because sometimes the professors give you homework the first day of school, so I was freaking out a little! So I decided to just grab a yogurt and some fruit until class started, as I’m walking to my class and I see a sign on the door saying class was cancelled! I was beyond thrilled, not because class was cancelled but because I didn’t have my books and that’ll give me enough time to grab them before our class meets again! Thank you, God! ❤️

Day 2:

So, remember that women’s biology book I was stressed about on Monday? Well, I woke up really early to go to the book store today (8/24) to find out we didn’t even need a text book for this course! Talk about mind blowing, I could’ve stayed in bed for all of this lol. But, it was clearly my fault because apparently I didn’t even read the note, I just assumed they were out of the book smh! So now, I’m in the cafeteria waiting for class to start, it’s about 9:15 am. But anywho, I pray I really love this class and the professor! I’ve seen really great reviews on the course and in order for me to get my bachelors in social work, I have to take this course! 

After class: Class was amazing! I really like my professor and her energy is awesome! I already have homework, but guess what? I finished it lol, I’m trying to stay on top of everything this semester and not wait until the very last minute to do things! But anywho, I know this class is going to be great because I’m going to make the best of it! ❤️📚

Day 3: Today was my first day of my human biology class, it’s a lab science! Guess who’s the teacher? The teacher I dropped back in spring lmao, you should’ve seen how my face dropped once I walked in the class and realized I’m taking this class, with the same teacher! Even though the classes were totally different, it was the teacher I was a little iffy about because I know how he grades and his quizzes are hard as shit! But luckily, he told us since this class is only 1 credit we don’t have ANY quizzes this semester and as long as you show up, you’ll receive an A! Ain’t God good? Well anyways, I’m excited that I read over the course work and figured this class is going to be a piece of cake! Oh and to top this Friday off, he let us out 45 minutes early! 😊


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