learning that it’s okay to express my pain + being human! 


Have you ever felt like you have so much to say, but don’t like putting your burdens on other people because you feel as if they have their own problems and you don’t want to bother them with yours? Yup, me too! 

It wasn’t that long ago, maybe a few years back when I was sitting at Starbucks having my daily caramel frappuccino, when I realized I wasn’t happy within myself or anything that was going on in my life! I wasn’t happy with my job, attitude or people I thought was my friends! I felt as if I was living in the “moment” and that one day my life was going to change on its own! Little did I know, I had to be the change I wanted to see! People can assume “hey, she’s happy”, or “hey, she has this and that” but in reality they don’t know the demons you fight every single day! 

It’s so easy to be on the outside looking in on someone else’s life and not actually realize that people do have their own flaws and personal problems they have within themselves! People don’t see them dark clouds you see, or those long draining days you endure! They just don’t know, shit you don’t even know sometimes! But it’s okay to have those emotions and feelings, everyday isn’t going to be rainbows, sunny weather and beautiful clouds! 

I guess when you’re in your storm, you don’t look at things like that because all you can think of is the hurt and the pain you’re going through at that very moment! Sometimes you feel like life just hits you from all different angles and you don’t know how to handle these things because you clearly wasn’t expecting these things to occur! I have learned that God will make us so uncomfortable because he’s preparing us for something greater in life and it’s really up to us to read and listen to the signs he’s showing us!

 I’ve also noticed that you have to really dig deep within yourself, change the things you don’t like in your life and add things that you love! I’ve been at such a peaceful place and I refuse to go back to them really dark days! No one is going to save you from your thoughts, you have to be able to come to terms with the things you’re thinking and allowing to consume your space inorder to receive peace and happiness! When you feel like you’re having an episode of weakness, talk to God and ask him for strength and restoration! The more you learn about self control, you’ll be able to stop these thoughts before they affect you in any way! 💜


Takeia Cage. 💋


5 thoughts on “learning that it’s okay to express my pain + being human! 

  1. If THIS doesn’t hit home after the post I just made today!!! We are all human and along with feeling pain, we fall short at times. When we pretend that those shortcomings don’t exist, we risk helping someone else who has been through something similar. We can’t be too ashamed to withhold our testimony. Love this!

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