Hello loves,

As this week is finally coming to an end, I can’t even fathom how excited I am to be giving a new week to chase my dreams and goals! Fall semester officially starts tomorrow and I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed, in a really good way! I can’t believe I didn’t give myself a break from school for atleast a year, but I have to do 6 transfer credits inorder to get into the school I’m doing my bachelors at! Which was kind of heartbreaking, but knowing that I’ll be almost finished with my bachelors degree in a little over a year is so worth it so I’m definitely not going to complain! 

My weekend has been amazing, I did a little self care this weekend!! My kids went to a birthday Saturday, they had so much fun and we was able to go swimming which was also really fun! Today I watched the new power episode, exercise and did a little more shopping for my apartment! I just love Sunday’s and being able to spend it with my family! But, that’s about it! Just wanted to check in before my busy schedule starts again, talk to you soon! 


Takeia Cage. 💋


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