10 ways to keep your relationship/marriage going strong! 


Hello everyone, 

I’m going to be talking about what works for me and my relationship with my partner Mike! I’m also going to be talking about how it’s important to make one another a priority and being able to still do the things you love with each other! P.S I’m NO relationship expert, these are just few things that works for us, which might not work for you and that’s okay too! 💜

1. Making each other a priority.

I can’t express how important it is to make your committed relationship/marriage a priority! If you’re invested in your partner and planning on spending the rest of your lives with them, make them a priority! 

2. Communication

Communication is definitely key in any committed relationship/marriage! If you’re feeling any type of way about something, let your partner know what it is you’re feeling at that very moment! Don’t wait or hold things in and suddenly explode on one another! Just being able to  acknowledge that you both are human, realizing that no one is perfect and that we all have our own individual flaws! There are going to be things that’s going to annoy the hell out of you in that committed relationship/marriage, but no one would know if you keep that to yourself! 

3. Date nights

This is also important, it doesn’t have to be anything super fancy in fact it could be just putting the kids “if you have kids” to bed and spending quality time with one another! This could also be talking about each other day/week, catching up on things that’s been going on in both of your lives, watching a movie, cuddling and etc! 

4. Respecting each other’s space.

I know some people love to be with their spouse 24/7, which is amazing and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But being able to do things on your own is also healthy and important in your relationship/marriage! You don’t have to always be up under them and vice versa, it’s okay to have a little breather from each other! 

5. Being understanding and compromising.

Often times we feel as if we know what’s right for our partners and never take the initiative to actually consider or respect their feelings! Sometimes we have to just listen and don’t attempt to always jumping to conclusion and cutting them off when they’re talking! I think that’s where the confusion lies, when you’re in a committed relationship/marriage it’s about compromising and being open to the needs of your partner! Not always thinking about yourself and what your needs is, that’s what you will call conditional love! If it doesn’t benefit you, then it’s a problem and things shouldn’t be that way! Period! 

6. Take it one day at a time.

There are going to be some really amazing days and there are going to be some really bad days! Which is totally fine, NO relationship/marriage is perfect! We all have our own flaws and there are going to be times when our own insecurities are going to pop up and we tend to not handle them the right way! 

7. Respect.

Being respectful to the person you’re committed/married too is definitely vital and important! People who love you, should respect you no matter what! If you can’t respect the person you say you love, then maybe you guys shouldn’t be together! Respect also has to start within your own self, if you love and respect yourself, you’ll love and respect your spouse! 

8. Trust.

Having trust in your partner is major key! I mean what’s the point in being with someone who you absolutely don’t trust, it’s pointless and a waste of time if you ask me! If trust isn’t established before you guys commit to one another, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure and you’ll be only playing yourself! 

9. Intimacy.

When people think about intimacy, they automatically assume a person is talking about sex! Intimacy isn’t just about sex, this can be you and your spouse stimulating each other mentally and having that connection where you guys are inseparable because the love is so deep and unconditional! Sex shouldn’t be your #1 priority in your relationship/marriage, but it does play a role in your relationship/marriage! If you’re  mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually attracted to your spouse then you already know the rest lol.

10. Keeping things 100/100. 

I don’t think a relationship/marriage should be 50/50, it should be 100/100! That means you both are mentally, emotionally and physically present in your commit to one another! If you’re with someone who is only giving you half, when you’re giving them 100 of course things are going to go left because that person isn’t fully committed to being with you and all of you! The only person who has something to lose, is going to be you and not them! 


Takeia Cage. 💋


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