10 lessons I’ve learned in 2016.


1. No is a complete sentence.

I’ve always been the type of person to  say “yes” to things, I know deserved a “no”. Even if I’ve said no the first time, they’ll wait and give you sometime to think about what it was they’ve asked you and ask you again trying to convince you to say yes to them! I was so guilty of this, it’s ridiculous! Now, if someone asks me to do anything I feel isn’t right or I simply don’t like, the answer is NO! I will not explain or apologize for saying no to anyone, anymore! 

2. Happiness is a choice. 

Each day we wake up and decide to be happy with ourselves and life, that’s a choice! You decide whether or not you’re going to be happy and be joyful. There’s been times when I would wake up, completely unhappy for no absolute reason! I would speak negativity into my life as soon as I woke up, about how my day would be or end! It’s not healthy and it doesn’t feel good! 

3. Do what makes you happy.

This is really big and often times people don’t understand that your life, is really YOUR life and you can live it however you want to live it! People aren’t going to like somethings you do and that’s totally fine, but it’s not them at the end of the day! So it shouldn’t even bother you about how they feel, regarding YOUR life! 

4. It’s okay to be a private person. 

People are always looking for validation on social media and you have some people who aren’t looking for that type of attention others seek! So they’re not even interested in giving people the satisfaction of being in their personal life, not because they have something to hide but they don’t feel the need to prove points to people who don’t matter to them! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, some people are just private and would rather not discuss their business on social media! 

5. Forgiveness. 

Sometimes it’s hard to forgive things or even people for the hurt they have caused you, but it’s an amazing feeling once you have allowed forgiveness into your spirit! It’s very unfortunate people do things to others without a care in the world and think that we should forget about their wrong doings! I’m a firm believer of forgiveness, letting go, mending fences and moving forward. This thing of I will hate you forever is not my portion and just knowing the way people feel about you has absolutely nothing to do with you, but has everything to do with them and what they’re dealing with amongst themselves!  

6. Patience 

I know we all have falling short and have often times had those moments where we’re so confused about what God is doing in our lives and we don’t know how to properly go to God and ask him to give us patience and strength to trust in his timing, especially when we want things done our way instead of his! I’ve also learned that patience is so vital in our lives and that no matter how hard we try to do things our way, God has the final say so in everything we do!

 7. Ending toxic friendships/relationships

I’ve learned that it’s so vital and important to have friends in your life who supports, respects, loves and is genuinely there for you in every way “vice versa”. People who are only in your life to either bring you down, clouds your spirit with drama and negativity shouldn’t be apart of your life! Period! I’ve noticed that when you have conversations about things you don’t like and approach the situation in a very respectable manner, people don’t respect that! If you don’t want to be apart of their negative energy, then you have every right to remove yourself or tell them about themselves, whether they like it or not! I feel it’s the right thing to do, it’s not saying hey I’m better than you, but it’s saying hey I’m your friend and I’m really worried about you as a friend and the things you’re bringing into my space of peace isn’t something I’m down with! I know it’s not easy saying these things, but it’s definitely necessary and it should be discussed if you really care about that person! Just knowing you’re a reflection of the people you surround yourself with, should be the motivation to not allow toxic energy into your space! It’s not healthy or worth it! 

8. Everything has a season.

I’ve held onto so many things, I know I should’ve let go a very long time ago! These can be bad habits, jobs, attitudes, things, people or whatever! Knowing that things have an expiration date kind of makes things difficult to let go, I mean you don’t want these things to go bad but they’re not good for you! Sometimes I even think about what if this was like this or why isn’t things like this and have to occasionally remind myself that timing is everything and sometimes things doesn’t happen the way we want or visioned them happening! It’s very unfortunate that things go out of season and it’s really nothing we can do about it, it’s just just life! 

9. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person. 

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, that I’m truly not proud of but it doesn’t make me a bad person or less of a person! Some of these things I was very closed minded too and didn’t give it any thought before I even did it. I was listening to Myleik Teele’s podcast the other day about making mistakes and she said that if you’re not making mistakes and growing from them, you’re not learning anything! Which is true, making mistakes and growing from them shows your strength and how you can bounce back from basically anything! 

10. Self perservation isn’t selfish.

Some of the biggest struggles and obstacles I’ve faced with in life is finding balance and having self discipline for the things I truly want and deserve in my life! I absolutely don’t believe that self perservation is being selfish, it’s all about self care and doing what makes you happy and combing those things you’re learning into being a better human being! I think that often times people get things confused and assume that you’re trying to be a smart ass by simply making yourself a priority! You get to a point in life where you’re comfortable with doing what’s best for you and what’s going to make YOU happy in the long run! You have to learn how to preserve yourself, while being amongst others! If you’re not comfortable saying no, then you’re not comfortable doing what makes you happy! Your first priority should be you and doing what makes you happy, so you can spread that same exact love onto others! Finding balance and discipline isn’t easy, but no one ever said it was going to be! 


Takeia Cage πŸ’‹


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