Why having credit is so important. 

I never realized how important credit was until I actually became an adult and wanted to actually start applying for small credit cards and being denied for not having credit. Having credit is so vital and important in life! Just being able to have an even higher credit score can get you bigger things in life like “purchasing your first home “with lower interest rates”, purchasing a vehicle, credit cards, personal loans and etc”. When I first checked my credit score (2015) it wasn’t bad or poor, it was a 630 and some credit card companies or banks wouldn’t even give you a credit card without having atleast a 650 or above to start establishing credit. 

I thought not having any credit wasn’t bad credit, but in reality it is! You should atleast have something in your name that’s establishing credit, sometimes even renting and paying a phone bill isn’t establishing credit! Applying for small credit card builders can help your credit, you can go to any bank or credit union and speak to a member service consultant to build your credit. 

I personally went through capital one and started off with a $300 credit limit and after only being a customer with them for 6-7 months my credit score went from a 630-705. I even qualified for a credit increase and they gave me a few thousands which was amazing! I didn’t know being consistent with my payments and only using it for emergencies I’d be giving a high credit limit being that they started me off with just $300. But anywho, I really love capital one and felt like that worked for me, but everyone’s different! 😊


Author: Takeia.

Hello beautiful souls, I'm Takeia Cage, and I'm the CEO/Founder of Unashamed Queens! I'm an advocate, momtrepreneur, life coach, and motivational blogger. I have always been dedicated to helping women re-discover their light, while walking in their truth, unashamed! It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties, when I discovered my calling to be an advocate for the women in my community. I have always wanted to be apart of a sisterhood that supported, uplifted, and celebrated women without us feeling judged or even ashamed of our journey. There wasn’t many women empowerment groups in my community that actually focused on celebrating queens, so I decided to create my own community for unashamed women. Now I am the founder of Unashamed Queens, a women’s empowerment group that focuses on supporting, uplifitng, and celebrating queenhood. I would always tell myself years ago that you can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself, and today I believe that statement is so untrue. It wasn’t until I was re-discovering my own light, that I wanted to also encourage/help other women to re-discover theirs as well. I truly believe that we’re all stronger together, and that creating a safe-space for women to feel support and loved through sisterhood.

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