chase your dreams, no matter what! 


I know in life there are a million in one obstacles that we sometimes feel is blocking us from being all that we know we can be! We feel these things will hold us back from really chasing our dreams and we tend to feed our minds negative things and we also down play ourselves when we KNOW we can be using all of that energy to uplift ourselves! Sometimes we’re too afraid of seeing the rainbow after the storm because we have instilled that pain will last forever, when in reality it DOESN’T.

Why it’s important to have those small pep talks to yourself and God:

I believe having those small pep talks to ourselves and God whenever we’re feeling like we can’t do something or we don’t have any guidance to point us in the right direction! Start speaking positively to yourself and talk to God! Ask God to give you strength, guidance, clarity and a better understanding of what it is he needs you to do inorder to give you eyes to see that he is the only person you need in your life and to know that he is faithful! It’s okay to not know the answers to why certain things are happening in our lives and why do we feel these things are hindering us from being all that God needs/wants us to be!

What I have learned over the last few years:

Over the past few years, I have learned that having patience and praying is so vital and important in our lives! I have also learned that sometimes our timing might not be on God’s timing and that is OKAY! As long as you know there’s something you want to achieve and you’re on the right path to achieve them, you’re all good! Sometimes small steps in the right direction can lead you to bigger and better things in life. We shouldn’t allow stress and pressure to cloud our minds, this will cause us to burnout and we definitely don’t want that to happen! We want to be healthy, have a clear conscious and be able to feed our minds positive things at all times! 

Don’t ever feel like you’re worthless or stupid for not being where you need to be in life, there’s always a NOW and TOMORROW! Don’t count anyone else’s blessings, you don’t know how hard they worked to get to where they are now! Just focus on yourself and do whatever it is YOU need to do, to get yourself to where YOU need to be! Your time is coming and THIS IS YOUR SEASON! Claim everything it is you want in life and start checking them off your list one by one! Take care! 💜


Takeia Cage. 💋


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