Life., Struggles.

This year has been absolutely amazing, I’m not going to say it’s been perfect but it’s been amazing to be able to see another year and grow so unapologetic! This Sunday I will be 23, which isn’t a big deal to most but to me it’s such a big deal. Just reflecting over these past few years and seeing the woman God has created is so mind blowing. I’m far from perfect, I have so many flaws and there are times I feel insecure about things other people love about me! This past year has taught me so much about myself as a woman, mother and partner! I’m constantly working on myself, getting to a place where I love myself unconditionally and praticing self care. 

So many great things are transpiring in my life,  I’m so excited about everything but I’m a little overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness! I’ve been beating myself up a lot lately, not because I feel like I’m not doing enough, but because I feel like I could be doing so much more! I’m so used to being in school, working and tackling on so many different projects that now I feel like all I’m doing is just working! My mind tends to get so wrapped up in accomplishing all of my goals, that I tend to overwhelm myself, when I just need to take a break and just breathe!  

Sometimes life just gets in the way of things and you’re forced to overthink your life and goals, when God already has everything figured out for you! Lately I’ve been turning to prayer and asking God for guidance and strength over everything in my life. I’ve also been getting in touch within myself and reevaluating my thinking and changing my perspective on things I no longer need to stress about! I guess when things get to becoming a little too overwhelming for me, I might go on a social media detox and just put my phone on DND! 

But other than that, I’ve made it my goal to set some self goals for myself and I’m going to make sure I’m focusing more on taking care of myself and just relaxing before the fall semester starts again! 💜


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