Unashamed + Unapologetic 


In my previous blog post, I discussed how this past summer I’ve been getting in touch within my inner self and working towards the woman God wants me to become! I’ve came to realize that every since I’ve been more aware of the toxic things + people I allowed into my life, I wasn’t the happiest! Actually, I was really angry that I allowed such things + individuals to drain me mentally! Now that I’ve come to terms with getting rid of anything that cost me my peace of mind, I’ve become so much happier within myself! I’m learning to love myself more and more each day, & refuse to have people who don’t respect or love me as well. 

It was definitely time to break free from those things + people who didn’t feed my soul love and positivity! I feel more stress free and positive about everything! I’ve decided that I’m going to always put God + myself first in every relationship I encounter. I’ve noticed when I go astray from God, my life ends up being a complete mess, I get distracted easy by things I know isn’t good for me mentally + physically! I guess I was just tired of the same ole things and needed God to check me and by doing that, I was able to connect within myself and acknowledge that God is in control of my life! I’m also a believer of “you’re what you attract”, and I only want to attract beautiful + positive individuals! We’re in control of our happiness, & by saying that happiness is a choice and I decided to choose happiness! 

If you ever get to a point where you feel like your soul is being completed drained by those who you love, it’s time to reevaluate yourself and your surroundings! Just because you love people, doesn’t mean you should keep them in your life, this enables you to be everything you need to become when you’re constantly giving them a million and one chances to get their lives together for them! This also brings you down right along with them if they’re fighting battles within themselves, that they tend to overlook and would rather drag everyone down with them!!! I know I’ve had a really hard time trying to remove myself from people I love, thinking they would change but they only ended up getting worser! That’s when you have to come to terms and tell yourself you CANNOT change anyone, that’s something they have to do on their own! You can only be positive and hope that they see the light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes people would rather live in darkness before they come to the other side! I have had conversations with individuals who I felt was completely dumb, but now I accepted the fact that people only grow on their own level and that’s okay! I just don’t have to sit around and wait, but instead I can simply move forward with my own life! 

Sometimes it’s nothing we can do and I personally don’t think removing yourself from things that doesn’t make you flourish is giving up, it’s simply you choosing to love yourself more and not settling for anything lesser than what you deserve! 💜


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